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SAP Academy

Are you a passionate and driven self-starter with up to three years' experience? Do you want to work with the world’s top brands, solve their biggest challenges, and influence the way they do business? Here’s your chance. At SAP, we never stop pushing the boundaries of what our solutions can do for people and for the world. The award-winning SAP Academy will provide you with a world-class training experience and the skills, confidence, and experience to begin a successful career at SAP. This program is founded on core principles which create a unique and innovative environment that enables you to build a successful foundation to engage with customers, help solve their unique business challenges, and discover new ways to Run Simple!   

Start with learning about the differences between Sales, Presales and Digital Sales. Get an overview of the Academy's multi-dimensional, experiential learning for each career path and the core principles each program is based upon.
Discover more about the award-winning Academy program, with participants from 50+ countries around the world. All of our participants think big and dream big. They are all passionate about making a difference for our customers who come in all sizes and work in every industry and geographic region you can imagine.
Ready to apply? Look here to learn more about our next hiring cycle, what you can expect during the hiring process, what you need to prepare and how we help you through the first month and beyond.

Explore. Inspire. Ignite.

Sales or Presales or Digital Sales? Decide which is best for you.

Choose your path – Sales, Presales or Digital Sales – and join us for an adventure of a lifetime, where you have the chance to jump start a career in sales working with colleagues from all over the world, with a great salary, benefits, and perks galore.   


  • You like roles where you are responsible for leading a team.
  • You would prefer to have an individual quota where how much you earn is based on how much you sell.
  • You would enjoy the opportunity to contact customers for prospecting purposes.
  • You would prefer to engage customers and create meaningful relationships.
  • When spending time with customers, you would prefer to understand the big picture of their needs, objectives, and how SAP can help them.


  • You like adding value as part of a team.
  • You would prefer a team-based compensation plan.
  • You would rather work with customers after they have agreed to meet.
  • You like the idea of being a trusted advisor and being able to use creative presentation and demo techniques to show what SAP has to offer.
  • You would want to get to know the customer in detail so that you could deliver an effective demo of SAP solutions to help them achieve their goal.

Digital Sales

  • You like roles where you are responsible for leading a team.
  • You would prefer to have an individual quota, where how much you earn is based on how much you sell.
  • You would prefer to work through partners and manage a higher number of smaller deals at the same time
  • You would enjoy the opportunity to contact customers for prospecting purposes.
  • You would prefer to engage customers through virtual channels and create meaningful relationships (video, social, phone).
  • When spending time with customers, you prefer to understand the big picture of their needs, objectives and how SAP can help them.

We offer a highly customized experience for each career path.



6 weeks onboarding in local SAP office
3 months classroom learning in California
4 months on-the-job field training


4 weeks onboarding in local SAP office
6 months classroom learning in California
5 months on-the-job field learning 

Digital Sales

1 month classroom learning in California
2 months on-the-job field learning

Core principles of the SAP Academy laboratory environment:

  • Everyone is Student; Everyone is Teacher
  • Embrace new perspectives
  • Power of AND
  • Everything is possible

What SAP Academy Means to Me

Application Process

Get to know us better

Do a little digging to make sure SAP is the right fit for you. Read about our strategy, business goals, products, and people. And check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more social channels.

Learn about the SAP Academy

Explore the SAP Academy program for Sales, Presales and Digital Sales and decide what SAP Academy career path matches your goals and ambitions.

Sign up for alerts

Recruiting for SAP Academy Sales and Presales classes 2021 has not yet begun. Create your profile in the SAP Talent Community to receive an alert when recruiting opens for each class.

Apply from anywhere

Apply online from your desktop or mobile device.  

Be prepared

Be fully prepared with your cover letter and resume – and ensure your contact details are up to date.  Accepted file types for resume and cover letter uploads are: Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, PPT, XLS, CSV, image and text.

Pre-screening calls

The recruiters will review your application. If there is a match with the hiring profile, our recruiters will contact you for a phone interview.

In-Person Assessment Day

Our recruiters will assess all candidates. If you are among the top candidates, you will receive an invitation to join an in-person assessment day, "Bootcamp challenge", to meet the team and go through a sales event simulation alongside other top candidates.   
If you received an offer, congrats! Welcome to SAP.
Your recruiter will work with you on all the details. Have any questions? Please feel free to ask.


Most new hires at SAP want to hit the ground running – and we can help with that. Associates in the SAP Academy program will have a robust support structure. We’ll assign everyone a buddy and a mentor to guide you through your first month and beyond. Your “buddy” will answer all your questions about the SAP Academy program and day-to-day questions – like who’s who, what are the SAP systems and processes, and where you can find the cappuccino machine. Your mentor will be a senior employee in your field. He or she will be your primary point of contact during your field rotation, will share their experience with you and help you increase your knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive environment. A team of SAP trainers, known as the Academy Faculty, with extensive experience in sales, presales, field management, or enablement, will facilitate interactive training workshops for you, assess your skills, and provide you with regular coaching. On top of that, an Academy Director will serve as your functional manager throughout the program, supporting you with regular one-to-one meetings, performance development, and ensuring you have an overall quality experience.   

Pre-start portal

Learn everything you need to know about your new role at SAP in the weeks leading up to your start date. Browse company information, performance reports, policies, employee blogs, FAQs, and more.   

Local onboarding

Attend an in-person or virtual welcome session and meet your manager, buddy, and team. Set up your IT equipment, complete onboarding documentation – and learn about your location, payroll, and benefits.   

Global onboarding

Learn how to navigate SAP in a 90-minute virtual session offered on a weekly basis. You’ll hear about SAP’s history, strategy, culture, self-service tools, learning and development opportunities, and more.   

Role-specific onboarding

Take advantage of the onboarding programs and learning opportunities available for each line of business: sales and pre-sales, products and innovation, HR, finance, service and support, and marketing.

Learning & career development

At SAP, we want to make sure our employees are happy, fulfilled, challenged – and working towards their individual career goals. That’s why we invest heavily in learning and career development. Gain new skills and experience through fellowships, self-paced learning, mentoring, and more.

Did you know?



Languages spoken


Countries represented




Making an impact

Our 437,000+ customers come in all sizes and work in every industry and geographical region you can imagine. They include 87% of the Forbes Global 2000 and 98% of the world’s top 100 most valued brands. Some are big household names, while others are small yet ambitious start-ups that are just beginning to grow. Today more than 800 associates have completed the SAP Academy programs and supporting customers around the globe.      

Check out the SAP Academy awards

Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program (2017)

Brandon Hall is one of the most prestigious learning awards in the industry, and has recognized the SAP Academy as a GOLD medalist for our unique and innovative approach to sales training, which has driven positive business impact.

Best Sales Onboarding (2017)

In 2017 Brandon Hall, also called the “Academy Awards” of the learning industry, has recognized the SAP Academy as a BRONZE medalist for our rigorous and innovative sales onboarding process.

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

For the second year, SAP America was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2018! At SAP, employees truly have the power, opportunity, and resources to bring new ideas to life.

Sign up for alerts

Create your profile in the SAP Talent Community to receive an alert when recruiting opens for each class in 2021. 

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