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Vehicle Insights Features

Learn how integrating telematics data with enterprise and customer data can help you improve services and create new business models and opportunities.

Connected Delivery

Flawlessly execute processes for ordering, collecting, and delivering goods.

Optimize retail distribution logistics

  • Combine live vehicle data with machine data, business data, and relevant external sources
  • Enter new markets through cross-industry collaboration and new digital service offerings
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering the right items with the right quality at the right time

Usage-Based Insurance

Help insurers use telematics data to build scoring models for vehicle insurance based on miles driven, vehicle type, distance, and driving behavior.

Car Fleet Analytics

Enhance fleet management and reporting based on live vehicle and condition tracking, activity logs, and scorecards.

Generate accurate, timely analytics and insights

  • Track vehicle positions, routes, and conditions in real time
  • Enable geofencing, alerting, and integrated scheduling of service appointments
  • Perform manual or automated logging of activities based on predefined tasks or geofences
  • Monitor driver behavior and create fleet scorecards

Detailed Product Scope

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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