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Drive a better customer experience with SAP Litmos solutions

Improve performance by aligning employees, partners, and resellers with training that drives winning customer experiences.

  • Build a competitive sales force with data-driven training that deepens product knowledge and strengthens sales skills
  • Develop highly trained service agents and extended teams that deliver consistent quality experiences across the enterprise
  • Provide customers with training that increases their product knowledge and helps them realize value faster

Boost employee experience and loyalty through training

Build loyalty and drive quality employee experiences by creating a continual learning culture with SAP Litmos Training.

  • Provide targeted training that impacts your employees’ success and influences how they treat customers
  • Build a confident, productive workforce that uses customer feedback, giving your business a competitive edge
  • Earn employee loyalty by investing in them with continuous training that’s specific to their roles
  • Accommodate global teams by enabling training wherever your employees are, on any device type, online or offline, and 24x7

Deploy in days, not months

Set up, onboard, and get started immediately by integrating with your existing training ecosystem with ease.

  • Get started quickly with minimal configuration or administrative support
  • Offer training to anyone, anywhere with the highest accessibility, on any device, and for internal and external learners 
  • Reduce the complexity of program development with comprehensive, intuitive tools and user engagement on a single platform
  • Automate reports to measure training progress, meet learning objectives, and prove your program’s value

Kick-start training with off-the-shelf content

Help ensure high-quality learning experiences by using accessible, ready-made content from SAP Litmos Training Content.

  • Keep learners’ attention with short, engaging, and interactive content designed to drive retention 
  • Reduce the effort in creating content and supplementing your program by accessing more than 1,200 ready-made courses 
  • Implement high-quality training across diverse topics using a continuously updated, ready-made content library
  • Simplify the creation of your content by using import and drag-and-drop features

Get started with SAP Litmos solutions

  • Watch webinars and attend expert events for the latest updates, insights, and new offerings
  • Get information about our releases and support
  • Free trial of SAP Litmos training: More than 22 million users trust SAP Litmos training for enterprise-wide eLearning. Your 14-day trial includes unlimited access to the award-winning LMS and off-the-shelf library of learning content and courses.

Expert Services

Transform your business faster with help from our Customer Success organization.

Get an overview of services for SAP Litmos solutions and discover how they can help you address key aspects of your project, enforce best practices, and set up your own operations for ongoing success.

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