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Product Capabilities

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Semantic thing models

  • Create a digital twin representation for each physical asset 
  • Reuse components of a machine description to model additional thing types 
  • Define freely the properties associated with a thing type and the semantics of a captured time series 
  • Store all created asset data as a specific instance

Secure data sharing

  • Grant employees, customers, and collaborating business partners role-specific access to data
  • Leverage an authorization model that helps define and assign object groups and roles
  • Assign roles to user groups, and authorize role-based access
  • Restrict access to the value of a certain property

Thing shadow

  • Keep your physical and digital worlds synchronized with the latest data
  • Update the thing shadow with a remote device in its instance of the model
  • Refresh a device’s thing shadow in its instance of the thing model
  • Direct a remote device to synchronize with the new target state

Event management

  • Implement event creation and handling as part of application development
  • Harness the event management function of SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation
  • Monitor and control changes in the status of a thing
  • Show a record of threshold violations over time to help ensure sensor performance

IoT development environment

  • Use development templates available through SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE
  • Leverage user interface patterns such as maps, lists of things, or thing information cards
  • Connect the user interface with data sources to generate code
  • Enhance or modify IoT application code to fit a specific use case

Big Data management

  • Manage transaction and application volume efficiently with dynamic Big Data storage
  • Gain deep insights at affordable costs with embedded IoT analytics
  • Support multiple infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings to avoid a vendor lock-in
  • Feed data to enhance core business processes

Detailed Product Scope

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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