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Yulia Sushkovich

Localization Product Expert, SAP Globalization Services

Yulia's story

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I immediately felt the difference between my previous job and my new role at SAP. In the multinational company I was working for before, I was like a small screw in a big machine. I could not make any free motion. But at SAP I immediately got a lot of space for my ideas.

Yulia Sushkovich

My first interaction with SAP was in 1998 when I was working in big multinational company as accounting clerk. After experiencing other accounting software, SAP looked like magic to me - no transactions were lost, and lots of interesting reports can be created for further data analysis and processing. I knew there was an SAP office in Russia but did not believe that I could be part of such a great company. I used to have a dream that I worked for SAP. In 2007 when my friend was working for SAP told me to apply for a position of Product Manager I did.

I immediately felt the difference between my previous job and my new role at SAP. In the multinational company I was working for before, I was like a small screw in a big machine. I could not make any free motion. But at SAP I immediately got a lot of space for my ideas. My job has no routine at all, each task is special. I have now been here for 14 years and it’s felt like a day! My job is always interesting, filled with different tasks and new internal assignments.

As a Localization Product Expert, I have many different tasks. I monitor legislation change daily, analyze if the upcoming changes are relevant to local SAP solutions and immediately request the development of legal changes if necessary. I protect and expand current local versions with new topics requested by the market, consult on complex law cases, answer requests from other teams such as development, support, presales, and consulting.

The very interesting part of my job is rolling-in and rolling-out new solutions because I can work with SAP clients and also can take part in development of the newest products and product versions.

It is not so easy to make a good quality solution roll-in. SAP and SAP Globalization Services provide an ability to attend many interesting and important learning sessions and training and I would like to tell a story how I learned one of the most important topics for solution roll-in topics called Design Thinking process.

I had two amazing trainings on Design Thinking, one of which was at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. The training was very challenging. Our trainers didn't give us a chance to relax. On the first day we created prototypes, tested these prototypes in real conditions, and had a lot of fun. But on the second day it was not fun for us when our trainers requested us to meet at Bundestag Platz and interview tourists. Wow, it was such an unusual experience for me to come to the street and talk to strangers!

Currently SAP Globalization Services in Russia is used to organize many customer events (localization seminars, user groups, summits), but I remember our first step. In 2008 a colleague and I decided to conduct the first customer event. We got some information from the development team, created presentations and examples in the system, booked a room and invited approximately 15 customers.

This first event was very challenging, as customers had lots of feedback about our solutions. But it was a success to receive their feedback. We could prioritize our future developments.

During the next 13 years, SAP Globalization Services in Russia conducted dozens of customer events including large ones which were attended by thousands of customers, but I still remember this small first step and I am very proud that I was one of the pioneers to make it happen.

I believe my local team is the best one in the world. Despite already having strong expertise in many SAP solutions, they still gather for new knowledge and like to investigate tricky legislation cases or customer inquiries. While we are in the meeting room, we battle until we come to the right decision, but after leaving the meeting room we all become good friends again. We don't mix working process with personal relations, we respect each team member and used to work in a friendly atmosphere.

SAP Globalization Services Product Management is a family. We know and respect our colleagues from other countries, ask each other for advice, try to help and, what is very important for SAP Globalization Services, to find common solutions.

Work-life balance is also very important for me. I need some time to aggregate energy for the week ahead and to have a rest with my family. I like to travel, seeing new cities, trying new tastes and visiting new attractions.

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