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Steven Gregory

Principal Solution Consultant for SAP SuccessFactors, United States

Steven's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


As part of the older demographic of the SAP community, I knew taking care of my body was vital in continuing to work to my full potential, possible.

Steven Gregory

#ThankfulforSAP: A family's farewell to an unhealthy lifestyle

by Julie Costa

About a year ago, Steve couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without struggling to breathe. Living an unhealthy lifestyle with a high risk of diabetes, he knew he needed to change if he wanted to stick around for a while.

"As part of the older demographic of the SAP community, I knew taking care of my body was vital in continuing to work to my full potential," Steve said.

Last year, SAP North America Total Rewards introduced a personal health coaching program with Kurbo, a free, 4-month program available to employees – and their families – to help families make healthy eating and exercise fun for all ages. The program includes a personal health coach and a mobile app with an easy-to-use food and exercise tracking system.

When Steve received the email from North America Total Rewards announcing this offer, he immediately signed his family up. The process was easy: he answered a series of questions to match with a personal health coach who was right for his goals and filled out a quick form to enroll in the program – SAP took care of the rest.

"Adjusting our thinking was harder than we all thought it was going to be while dieting," Steve said, but Kurbo’s free life coach, Haley, helped the Gregory family stay on track with weekly calls and check-ins. Haley answered any questions they had during the process through text message or phone call.

"If we were having a bad week, we knew one phone call with Haley would help us stay motivated and connected to our new lifestyle," he said.

The Kurbo program also offers a free mobile app to help understand better health habits, track their exercise, and logtheir food. Using the app, Steve’s wife, Karen, completely changed her household food for the better with an increase of fresh, healthy goods that even her children ate to keep up their healthy habits.

"My two sons are increasingly conscious of their eating and, as a result, are consuming healthier foods," Karen reflected on the positive change. "Even though they are growing boys, you can see the weight loss in their faces and waistlines."

The support from Steve’s colleagues at SAP helped him stay motivated to continue the diet, especially on rough days. "It’s hard to keep up with a diet when you’re working anywhere, but I’m grateful for the compliments and support from my colleagues," he said.

Before SAP announced Kurbo, Steve was searching for a diet program that felt more like a lifestyle and less like a real diet. And when SAP made the new program announcement, he stopped the current diet plan he was on and tried it out. According to Steve, Kurbo had a life-changing nature to the program that he and his family enjoyed. "What I appreciate most is that it is a lifestyle, not a diet. I now know how to be mindful of what I am eating," Steve said.

Both Steve and Karen feel as though they are entirely better versions of themselves after going through the Kurbo program. Not only is the weight loss important to them, but it has also been night and day from a health perspective. Without SAP, the Gregory family would have never used Kurbo to lose 63 pounds collectively. This sustainable model of change will keep the Gregory family on the right path for the rest of their lives. "My kids will have their dad around a lot longer, and that’s why I’m thankful for SAP."


Kurbo helps SAP employees and their families make healthy eating and exercise choices, connects them with a personal health coach, and provides access to a mobile app with an easy-to-use food and exercise.

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