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User Experience

Deploy a new personalized user experience that is simple and intuitive

Support the digital transformation of your enterprise with intuitive UX design leveraging tools and services from SAP. With SAP user experience solutions you can:

  • Discover, design, develop, and deploy a new UX for SAP software
  • Bring a consumer experience to your enterprise, so employees are more productive and work in entirely new ways
  • Use a design-led, user-centric approach to provide a personalized, responsive, and simple user experience
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Explore SAP user experience with our customers

Learn how companies have embraced the power of a great user experience with services and solutions from SAP.

Good UX returns $2 to $100 for $1 invested*

Better user experiences are becoming major tech disruptors. Industry experts weigh in on the business value of user experience and implications for CIOs.


See what our customers are saying

2015 is a Red Dot year for SAP

Another win: a Red Dot Communication Design Award for our cancer-fighting analytics tool.  


Reimagine the user experience design in the enterprise

Learn about SAP’s journey to transform the user experience (UX) of enterprise software. See how UX design impacts your bottom line in this webcast featuring Gartner and SAP.

Discover simple steps to adopt SAP Fiori UX

Enjoy a new user experience that is personalized, responsive and simple with SAP Fiori UX. See the 5 simple steps to drive quick time-to-value for SAP Fiori UX with this adoption journey map designed for SAP Business Suite customers.

SAP Fiori UX: It’s a matter of when

SAP Fiori is a game-changer. According to Gartner, “very few enterprise IT organizations have created interfaces to their ERP system based on personas or purposefulness.”**


View SAP's user experience demos

Explore the hottest user experience topics


Navigating the SAP Fiori Launchpad

Since the launch of Fiori, I have been mostly excited about this new path for SAP. I truly believe that this is here to stay, that SAP’s has chosen correctly and this will be a part of the future of SAP.

The Difference Between a Product Strategy and an Enterprise UX Strategy

UX strategy can have different meanings depending if you’re talking about products or enterprise UX strategies. Learn the differences and the importance of each.

Jason Mayden Talks about Design, Business and His Visit to SAP

Design is important for business because it provides a point of distinction and differentiation. A design-centric organization allows companies to be competitive into the future.


Take the fast lane with rapid deployment

Are you looking for solutions to quickly improve your SAP software user experience? Take advantage of a next-generation design principles using rapid deployment solutions.

Humanize your software user experience with SAP UX Design Services 

Looking for ways to improve user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction? SAP UX Design Services can help. Our human-centric approach covers everything from UX strategy to implementation – and delivers more than just a beautiful user interface. We can help you build role-based, customized solutions that bring both monetary and human value to your business.


openSAP: Build your own SAP Fiori app

Register now for this new openSAP course all about taking SAP Fiori design guidelines and showing you how to apply them to your own unique business needs. 

openSAP: SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 allows IT professionals and SAP experts to simplify SAP GUI screens. Register for this openSAP course that provides you with training on how to create consumer-grade screens. 

Experience SAP Fiori UX today

Experience and extend a selection of SAP Fiori apps on the SAP Cloud Platform. Build
your own SAP Fiori UX, including custom branding, without installing any software. 


Experience the best of SAP TechEd

Access highlights, demos, and interviews from this year's event - now.  

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