SAP ERP HCM Integration to SuccessFactors rapid-deployment solution

Harness the power of both worlds: Integrate SAP ERP HCM with SuccessFactors BizX Suite

Quickly and easily create a hybrid HR environment that combines both on-premise and cloud-based software. Our rapid-deployment solution for SAP ERP HCM integration to the SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite can help automatically transfer your HR data – including basic employee, compensation planning, and workforce analytics data – to the cloud.

  • Integrate SAP ERP HCM with the SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite
  • Leverage your existing investments while taking advantage of rapid innovation in the cloud
  • Use a preconfigured solution to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing a hybrid scenario
  • Increase the speed and reliability of your data transfers with automated full and delta uploads
  • Protect your HR data transfer by adhering to strict security governance protocols
A bridge against the sky, representing on-premise and cloud HCM integration
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Migrating birds, representing employee data transfer

Basic Employee Data Transfer

Securely transfer employee data between SAP ERP HCM and the SuccessFactors BizX Suite. Using SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration as middleware, you can transfer all original data as well as updated data following a process-driven event – such as a new hire, rehire, or change of personal information.

Group of employees, representing pay-for-performance

Pay-for-Performance Process Integration

Seamlessly integrate your end-to-end pay-for-performance process – on-premise and in the cloud. Securely transfer relevant salary data from SAP ERP HCM to the SuccessFactors BizX Suite – and transfer changed salary data back again – using SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration as middleware.

Hands passing a baton, representing workforce analytics data transfer

Workforce Analytics Data Transfer

Quickly and easily extract workforce data such as employee absence reports, birth date, position, location, and more from SAP ERP HCM, and securely transfer them into the SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite – for faster, more accurate workforce analytics.

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