SAP Advanced Production Scheduling rapid-deployment solution

Take the fast track to sophisticated production scheduling, with our SCM solution

Drive revenue, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. This quick-to-deploy software and service package adds advanced production scheduling to your existing SAP ERP solution – helping you create flexible production plans, improve resource utilization with detailed scheduling, and ultimately better meet customer demand with timely, high-quality products.

  • Quickly fulfill delivery commitments with accurate, flexible production plans
  • Make faster, more informed decisions with real-time supply chain insights
  • Improve order sequences and resource utilization with detailed scheduling
  • Seamlessly execute production plans with “what-if” simulations and analysis


Executives discussing the advantages of advanced production scheduling software
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Graph representing production planning software

Production Planning

Create feasible, flexible production plans to meet customer demand – on time and on budget. Our production planning functionality helps you determine your resource requirements – from machines to employees to materials – and supports your decision making process with real-time supply chain insights.

Line representing the starting point of an optimal production plan

Detailed Scheduling

Gain greater flexibility and control over your production execution. With our detailed scheduling functionality, you can leverage “what if” simulations and analysis to create and plan optimal order sequences, improve resource utilization, quickly adjust schedules in response to material shortages, and more.

Bottles on a conveyor belt, representing smooth production execution

Production Execution

Seamlessly execute your production plans. Our software can help you smooth the transition between planning and execution, thanks to end-to-end integration between production planning, scheduling, and execution processes.

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