SAP Product Stewardship Network

Ease your sustainability data exchange with
SAP Product Stewardship Network

Join SAP Product Stewardship Network, an online collaboration community that enables companies and their supply chains to exchange sustainability data efficiently. Companies of all sizes can leverage this network to save time and costs. SAP Product Stewardship Network can be used stand alone as well as in connection with our environment, health, and safety (EHS) management software.

  • Use sustainability assessment capabilities to conduct survey-based assessments of your suppliers and meet customer survey requirements
  • Leverage compliance declaration functionality to help comply with product regulations by facilitating compliance data exchange across the supply chain

A global network
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Employee connecting with suppliers online

Varian Medical: Achieves RoHS compliance

Varian Medical Systems now makes faster engineering changes while achieving greater visibility and clarity in its operations. SAP product compliance solutions have helped them protect revenue and drive efficiency while complying with REACH and RoHS.

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Solution Brief: Product Compliance for Discrete

Learn the key capabilities that can help you connect compliance processes with relevant master data and design-to-delivery processes. Our networked solution for product compliance can help ensure marketability while reducing compliance costs and lowering risk of wasted inventory and supply-chain disruption.

Employees ensuring product compliance to regulations

SAP Product Compliance Community

Join, follow, learn, and discuss the latest commentary, news, and updates on product compliance. This community provides the forum for professionals to explore regulatory news, learn from guidance documents about product compliance impacts and discuss open questions with peers and experts.

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