SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Integrate manufacturing with the enterprise with manufacturing integration and intelligence software

Become an adaptive manufacturer – profitably replenishing your supply network while responding to dynamic changes – with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence software. Link manufacturing processes with business operations to enable collaborative manufacturing and get the visibility you need to run your business in real time.

  • Connect the shop floor with your ERP system for real-time data
  • Minimize initial costs, complexity, and TCO with prebuilt, standards-compliant connectors
  • Boost the productivity of your shop-floor personnel by delivering useful, actionable information
  • Monitor, measure, and control process-improvement initiatives
  • Improve the use of assets and rationalization of poorly performing assets
  • Deliver rapid ROI by implementing in as few as 90 to 120 days


Two engineers on a shop floor reviewing manufacturing plans
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Bakery employee making cupcakes

Sweet Ovations: Making Things Happen

Could your manufacturing operations use a jolt of adrenalin? Then look to Sweet Ovations as a model. With help from SAP manufacturing solutions, the company increased data visibility, aligned manufacturing with business strategy, and improved overall yields.

Two workers in a production facility connected to headquarters by manufacturing integration and intelligence software

Shine a Light on the Shop Floor

You don't want organizational silos in your business, least of all in manufacturing. Tie production tightly with your core business software – and you'll see better uptime, faster reaction to change, more consistent processes, and happier customers.

Natural gas pipelines

Pemex Gas: Upping Manufacturing IQ

Smarter manufacturing processes help the business in so many ways. For starters, you can improve safety and environmental protection and deliver data where it's needed. Pemex got its help from SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence.

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