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Don’t box yourself in with one-size-fits-all HR software. With SAP, you can choose from the most complete cloud-based human resource applications. Select our renowned on-premise solutions or take a hybrid approach and combine the best of both to lower costs and improve productivity. Automate repetitive tasks, shorten the hiring cycle, and create a culture of excellence that improves employee engagement and retention.

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We have the tools you need to be successful in your line of business.

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How to Build a Culture of Employee Engagement

The best way to boost employee productivity and retention is to create a culture of engagement that values employees and makes it easy for them to excel at their job. Discover how you can help your employees perform better, stay longer, keep your customers happier, and increase company revenue.

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Gain an Edge with State of the Art HCM

Get an overview of SAP’s complete HCM Solution—including solution features, integration capabilities, deployment options, and global support. Learn how our customers are driving business results and employee productivity through the power of SAP and SuccessFactors software.

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Redefine HCM: Run Your Suite on HANA

For quite a lot of customers SAP HANA equals speed. So the expectation is to do the same things, but then much faster. This is not what SAP HANA or the Suite on HANA is about. What Suite on HANA allows us to do is rethink processes we have taken for granted for years.

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SAPPHIRE NOW: Agenda Builder

Use our Agenda Builder to create a custom conference schedule based on your interests and business needs.