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Digital Business
and Transformation

What does it mean to be a “digital business”?

As people, business, and “things” increasingly interconnect in the digital economy, existing business models are being radically disrupted. Digital transformation changes the way a company creates value, interacts with customers and business partners, and competes. What does it take to become a digital business (a.k.a. “live business”)? Who will be the key players in this brave new world? And what opportunities lie ahead in an era of digitization?

Video: Watch a live business in action

What’s driving digital transformation?

Digital business is built on new computing infrastructure – the four pillars of mobile, cloud, social, and Big Data analytics – accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in machine learning. These disruptive technologies are giving companies the ability to radically change business models and create new products and services. Learn more about what’s driving the shift to digital transformation:

It’s a good day to run live

SAP is at the center of the digital revolution, helping companies run live and in the moment. Explore 6 ways we do it – from turning boardrooms into control rooms to providing answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet.

Budgets are stretched and priorities are shifting: How will you achieve your digital transformation goals?

Digital business transformation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”. But challenges abound: From how to digitize IT and digitally interact with customers to how to integrate new digital services with existing products and solutions. Where do you start?

IT digitalization:
EIU report

The way IT works is being radically reshaped by business digitalization. Find out how to manage change in the face of complexity, cultivate new ways of thinking within your IT department – and why only one in ten IT departments is taking the lead on making real-time business real.

How to realize your digital future

What differentiates best-run companies from average? Often, it’s industry-specific software. Hear from SAP's industry and line of business leaders as they share their perspectives on e business, digital disruption, and how SAP solutions and services help our customers.

The impact of digital transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just for Gen Y – it affects us all. Learn how some top companies are approaching digitalization, find out how customers of all ages are benefitting, and discover why some digital innovations – like sensors in cars – are of particular use to the elderly.


Which industries are leading

the charge…


One of the biggest challenges today is omnichannel retail – the need for seamless shopping experiences for customers across all channels. Retailers who can create a new “omnicommerce” experiences for their “omnicustomers” will come out on top.

Read the blog: Omni-opportunities: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond


Learn how healthcare organizations are now embracing connected healthcare technologies – including health apps and IoT solutions that connect clinicians with their patients and engage consumers to more actively manage their own healthcare.

Download the IDC whitepaper


Learn about the Siemens Cloud for Industry – a market-leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform based on SAP HANA. The platform connects manufacturers to their assets in the field, helping them adopt new service-oriented business models.

Watch the video


How are leading transportation companies transforming into truly global, digital enterprises? By deploying SAP S/4HANA. Find out how they’re using the digital business suite to run smart machines, embrace preventative maintenance, and more. 

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As digital disruption changes how we save, borrow, spend, and lend, banks must reimagine their business models, e-banking processes, and human resources practices. View this infographic to learn five key characteristics of a digital bank of the future.

Read the infographic


Customers driving digital transformation

The top trends in digital business

As digital and physical worlds continue to blur, what’s coming next? Business and IT leaders must understand and prepare for the impacts these disruptive trends will have on people, their businesses, and IT departments – and then determine how they can provide competitive advantage.

Data privacy: Is it the beginning or the end?

With its wearables, connected cars, and many of other “things”, the IoT is positioned to give companies even more ways to collect and use data. But for digital business and data privacy to work, we need to find a way to balance commercial and private interests.

Setting the stage for
“algorithmic” business

Companies that have algorithmic capabilities, so-called “Math Houses”, will enjoy an advantage over corporations that don’t – even ones that have been successful in the past. See how algorithmic retail allows companies to manage their businesses in real time.

SAP S/4HANA: Making digital business real

Cycle time for business innovation is 5 to 10 times faster than ever before – and companies can’t compete unless they’ve digitized. Find out how SAP S/4HANA makes digital business a reality, and explore common paths to this innovative “digital core” technology.

Business transformation consulting services

Create and execute a successful digital business strategy. Our consulting team can help you develop a digital transformation road map, implement the right digital applications and architecture for your business, ensure interoperability, and more. Get support at any stage of your digital transformation – whether you’re just getting started or have existing challenges to overcome.
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