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Application Lifecycle Management

Improve software quality and better manage global software development with application lifecycle management solutions

Maintain continuity, accelerate innovation, and reduce risk with application lifecycle management software from SAP. With our solutions, you can improve software quality and:

  • Control application-specific operations, such as job scheduling and data volume management
  • Document, implement, and test new solutions
  • Transform your IT landscape
  • Lower operational costs and protect your IT investments

Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Operational Efficiency

Add value as an IT support organisation by enabling operational efficiency

Maximise operational efficiency by managing all facets of activities that support the smooth and reliable execution of SAP solutions and business processes. Offering an extensive set of predefined content and centralised tools, our solutions enable you to:

  • Handle monitoring, alerting, analysis, documentation, and administration
  • Control data volumes, data consistency, and job scheduling
  • Leverage powerful functionalities for ready-to-use reporting as well as user-defined reporting
High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Meet high availability and disaster recovery goals for enterprise stability

Keep your enterprise up and running with high availability and disaster recovery features supported by a robust in-memory computing platform from SAP that enables you to:

  • Maintain continuous availability and recovery capabilities with host autofailover, storage replication, and system replication features used alone or in combination
  • Restart the database and return it to a consistent state using native backup and recovery functions and connections to third-party backup tools
Infrastructure Administration

Support system stability with simplified infrastructure administration

Maintain and monitor your systems and enforce security policies with modern, intuitive, and integrated solutions for infrastructure administration from SAP. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Model information, develop databases and applications, and maintain security using a centralised development and administration environment
  • Manage the entire application lifecycle using a standard platform and integrated tools
  • Monitor system health in detail on mobile devices using Web-based tools

Facilitate in-memory platform implementation and provisioning

Deploy an on-premise in-memory platform quickly and economically using provisioning options provided by SAP and SAP partners. You can:

  • Use a preconfigured partner-provided appliance that includes preinstalled, optimised, and certified components and technologies
  • Deploy in-memory technology from SAP on your existing hardware and infrastructure
  • Automate the provisioning of your SAP systems running on physical or virtual infrastructures with landscape virtualisation solutions from SAP
Solution Development

Design and implement solution development to align with your business needs

Identify, adapt, and implement new and enhanced future-proof business and technical solution development scenarios. Our software can help you in these and other ways:

  • Offer tools and content to help users understand business requirements
  • Design the technical aspects of your solutions
  • Configure the underlying systems
  • Implement innovation within the system landscape by connecting business needs and IT infrastructure
Test Automation

Maintain business continuity through comprehensive test automation

Use change-impact analysis to define the integration requirements and the scope for test automation of your business and IT solutions. IT support professionals can use our software to plan comprehensive testing of software solutions in these ways:

  • Develop automatic and manual test cases
  • Manage the testers efficiently
  • Report on test progress and test results
  • Maintain business continuity by helping to ensure that solutions are technically and functionally robust
UX performance

Boost user productivity and satisfaction using modern UX performance design

Provide a role-based, holistic, and consistent user experience across lines of business, tasks, and devices. Our software can help you optimise UX performance so you can:

  • Deliver a personalised, responsive, and simple user interface to help achieve instant insight-to-action anytime and anywhere
  • Improve employee efficiency through intuitive, modernized screen flows and apps
  • Assess how an application performs for each person, and take corrective action using a dedicated set of tools

Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

View product documentation

Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.


Managed Services

Deploy, manage, monitor, and optimise your SAP solutions and business processes with our managed services. We can help you lower IT costs, fast-track return on investment (ROI), and modernize your applications.

Securing all entry and exit points

Understand the changing dynamics of mobile technology and how to meet the needs of a mobile workforce. Find out how organisations can gain the freedom to offer device choice and still meet mobile security requirements. Get insight into, and control of, potential mobile security risks.

Increasing the value of support

SAP Solution Manager maximises the value of your support engagement with SAP. You’ll be able to streamline internal processes, minimise manual effort, reduce operational costs, and introduce new business functionality with greater ease.

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