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Sustainability across your supply chain

By embedding sustainability into business processes, you can create sustainable products to reduce waste, emissions, and inequality.

Achieve end-to-end sustainability and profitability

Our sustainable supply chain management solutions can help you think and behave green. Capture sustainability data across every stage of your supply chain to align to regulatory and corporate sustainability goals while balancing profitability.


Empower your global supply chain to take action on the circular economy, climate change, and other sustainability issues in a way that you can: 

  • Design recyclable and sustainable products with a minimal carbon footprint, planet-friendly packaging, and a responsible end of life
  • Plan to reduce emissions, source materials ethically, and support circular processes
  • Manufacture with minimal waste and environmental impact by monitoring energy use based on production volume
  • Deliver products and optimise logistics to support product traceability and decrease miles driven, carbon footprint, and energy use
  • Operate assets in an energy-efficient and safe way to extend the life of your equipment and minimise the environmental impact of their operations 



Learn how Colgate-Palmolive enabled a sustainable supply chain

Helping customers improve sustainability performance

Enabling sustainability from one end of the supply chain to the other

Learn how design and manufacturing can take your sustainable supply chain to the next level and deliver on regulations and consumer expectations.

Making planning the cornerstone of a sustainable supply chain

Find out how our integrated business planning software can help make sustainability part of the fabric of your enterprise-wide operations.

Going the extra mile to support sustainability enterprise-wide

Explore how our solutions can help you improve ESG and sustainability performance in logistics, last-mile, and asset management.

Improving the shift to sustainable supply chains

Discover how connecting your supply chain processes can help you comply with sustainability regulations around the world.

Don’t miss out. Take action today.

Kick-start your sustainable supply chain journey

The “Decade of Action” is in full swing, as businesses worldwide respond to pressure for more-sustainable practices from not only external regulatory bodies but also shareholders, employees, and customers.

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Design recyclable and sustainable products

Think sustainably from the start of the product lifecycle by:

  • Designing products and packaging that are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable
  • Calculating environmental costs throughout the product lifecycle 
  • Simulating manufacturing’s impact on the environment
  • Linking the voice of the customer to sustainable requirements throughout the design process

The SAP Enterprise Product Development solution can help you develop high-quality, connected, compliant, and sustainable products.

The SAP Responsible Design and Production solution can help you prevent waste and pollution, use products and materials longer, and apply circular principles.

Plan to reduce emissions and source materials ethically

Outline the success of your sustainability initiative by:

  • Driving planning processes that strive to reduce emissions and satisfy demand with sustainable, ethically sourced materials 
  • Forecasting with greater frequency and accuracy to reduce obsolete inventory
  • Predicting end-of-life scenarios and supporting circular processes
  • Simulating the CO2 footprint of your plan, from procurement and transport to production
  • Reporting actual results and comparing them against the plan to identify achievements and improvement areas

The SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution can help you ensure business continuity by synchronising supply chain planning in real time.

Manufacture with minimal waste and environmental impact

Drive sustainability efforts across manufacturing sites by:

  • Monitoring energy use as a function of production volume
  • Measuring CO2 emissions against compliance commitments
  • Capturing and repurposing co- and by-products to minimise waste
  • Enforcing consistent safety management to create a more sustainable workforce

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution helps you optimise manufacturing performance with integrated production execution, visibility, and analysis.

The SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management application allows you to respond to and recover from events while helping ensure employee and customer safety.

Deliver products and optimise logistics sustainably

Move goods worldwide with minimal mileage and emissions by:

  • Tracking, measuring, and optimising CO2 and energy consumption across warehousing and transportation functions 
  • Considering delivery resources that are energy efficient or CO2 neutral, especially for urban or last-mile delivery tasks
  • Optimising routing to run the shortest and least-congested route to conserve energy and reduce miles and the carbon footprint 
  • Leveraging 3D truck load planning to reduce the risk of traveling empty miles

The SAP Transportation Management application helps you optimise logistics and improve services by increasing visibility and control.

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management application allows you to take control of your warehouse operations to keep up with changing demand while lowering costs.

The SAP Product Footprint Management solution can help you lower carbon emissions, make products more sustainable, and disclose product footprints to regulators.

Operate assets and equipment in an energy-efficient and safe way

Achieve sustainability throughout the full product or asset lifecycle by:

  • Gaining visibility into how assets and equipment are performing at a customer’s site or home
  • Extending asset life and reducing energy consumption
  • Calculating and tracking the environmental impact of asset operations
  • Helping ensure operator well-being and compliance with environmental and safety compliance

The SAP Asset Performance Management application helps you find a balance between the performance of each asset, the cost of that performance, and the exposure to risk it brings. 

The SAP Service and Asset Manager mobile app can prolong the life of your assets with guided workflows and timely processing of work orders, notifications, and asset master data – online and offline.

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