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Connect people, processes, and devices with the Internet of Things

Support new business processes, business models, and a new work environment to meet all your digital business needs with adaptive processes, Big Data, and connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Solve your specific IoT needs

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Act on opportunities by coordinating knowledge in real time

Succeeding with the Internet of Things is all about connectivity – allowing your devices to share important insights and tell you what they need to be efficient.

The IoT and SAP around the world

View the video that showcases three IoT collaborations in three locations, and three industries. Learn how the IoT is digitally transforming mining in Russia, transportation in Japan, and wind power in the Arctic Circle.

Uncover and prepare for the future of the IoT

Embracing the opportunities of the IoT takes insight and flexibility. Discover what 21 academics, entrepreneurs, engineers, and writers think about the future of the IoT. 

Choose your SAP software for IoT

SAP Connected Goods

Connect, monitor, and control a large number of customer-facing products – such as beverage coolers, freezers, coffee makers, and vending machines. Connect IoT devices to your back-end systems, trigger alerts, and get actionable insight into product usage patterns, service, and quality.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Device insights
  • Back-end system integration 

SAP Vehicle Insights

Monitor live vehicle conditions and run powerful connected car analytics. The cloud-based app can help you collect, map, store, and analyse sensor data in real time. Integrate with automotive telematics data to improve services and create new business models and opportunities.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Sensor data
  • Scalable platform
  • Analytics insights 

Transform your business faster with help from SAP Digital Business Services

Jump-start your SAP solutions and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers to receive guidance, prescriptive best practices, and expertise – no matter where you are on your journey.
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Icon of arrow moving forward, representing acceleration with SAP Digital Business Services

Realise your business goals by simplifying and accelerating your digital transformation

In an era focused on continuous innovation and anticipating customer needs, it can be hard to turn your vision into reality. This is where SAP Digital Business Services can help. We’re part of SAP, so we know SAP software better than anyone else. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you reach your business transformation goals, and everything in between.

Icon of people representing enterprise-wide service support from SAP Digital Business Services

Transform your business with unparalleled service support enterprise-wide

SAP Digital Business Services connects business and IT to help you close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution. From designing and value discovery to accelerated innovation to productive usage for tangible business results, you can evolve your business by breaking new ground with a trusted adviser that knows SAP software best.

What are leading analysts saying about SAP?

Get the facts


lower maintenance cost to increase productivity improvement.

SAP Business Value Benchmarks


better worker safety or lower claims payout in insurance industry.

SAP Business Value Benchmarks


faster revenue growth than industry average based on new business models.

SAP Business Value Benchmarks

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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700TB of data managed with SAP solutions

Find out how Trenitalia analyses data from thousands of onboard sensors in real time to greatly improve maintenance processes.

12% increase in port capacity in three months

See how Port of Hamburg’s smart port logistics system helps the busy port increase capacity and boost overall efficiency.

Real-time flood prevention with smart sensors

Learn how the city of Buenos Aires uses real-time IoT technology to prevent floods and improve its entire infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens.

Evolve business processes to take action

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SAP Leonardo connects things with people and processes. Learn more about the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and how we're helping customers today.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

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Pat Bakey
President Industry Cloud

Turn the Internet of Things into an Internet of outcomes

IoT technology provides a data-driven avenue through which today’s businesses can optimise operations to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Richard Howells
VP, Digital Supply Chain

From DaVinci to the Internet of Things

The IoT makes everything connected or connectable, from the products we make to the people that use them, and many of these devices have been around for centuries.

Stephan Gatien
Global Head of Telecommunications

The value of IoT for telecommunications

As pressure continues to mount on the telco industry, can it successfully surf the IoT wave and transform to succeed? Find out.

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