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Minimise supply chain disruption and reduce risk with SAP Supplier InfoNet

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain processes by predicting and managing your supplier performance in real-time – the key to optimising your sourcing and supply continuity. Empower your organisation to proactively mitigate risk, manage your suppliers more effectively, and improve decision making. Gain insight into supplier performance against industry benchmarks and best practices.

  • Participate in a transformational business network for n-tier supply chain visibility
  • Gain greater insight in supplier performance against industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Monitor and mitigate supplier risks

What's included

Features and Functions

Receive alerts that are automatically triggered based on user-defined KPI thresholds to deliver real-time insight into potential risks, helping you proactively manage the supply base.
Insight Into N-Tier supply Base
Monitor your supply base network over multiple tiers and better understand the impact of negative events affecting your suppliers' suppliers.
Ability to predict supplier risks
Leverage sophisticated machine learning techniques to predict performance for the future and proactively manage alternate tactics to secure supply continuity.
Benchmark Analysis
Compare supplier performance to benchmarks to gauge how your suppliers perform for other customers in the network and derive valuable information for your company.
Access to an information network
Analyse a combination of actual operational performance KPIs and public real-time information - news, financial results, and demographics.

Business Benefits

Transform supply network data into actionable information
Combine your data with trusted global content, using proven social network methodologies and expertise to glean valuable content for managing your supplier.
Gain full visibility into your supplier network
Explore risks in your multi-tier supply chain via the analysis of 13,000+ Web sites providing financial, government, performance, and other relevant content.
Predict your suppliers' performance
Understand global events affecting your supply network and predict future performance to help manage alternate sourcing projects and operational performance.
Support strategic sourcing
Provide the relevant information to the sourcing and spend analysis functions anticipating the future behaviour of your suppliers.
Contribute business expertise to the network
Incorporate your own knowledge into the supply network for continuous improvement of the data pool.
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