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Our library of videos, white papers, blogs, and tutorials provides a vast array of information on supply chain management solutions from SAP.

The supply chain paradox — balancing the bottom line with the green line

Sustainability has become a major factor in the overall business strategy and plays an integral role in the day-to-day activities that keep a supply chain running. Explore how various industries benefit from the best practices and technologies of a sustainable supply chain.

See SAP solutions in action

Meet growing demand for sustainable products

Businesses worldwide trust SAP supply chain management software and tools to help control their supply chains holistically. As a result, they can overcome the challenges of demand volatility, supply uncertainty, and constrained capacity with a resilient design-to-operate framework.

Explore how you can make better-informed, more-sustainable choices that meet customers’ expectations.

Insights into building resilient and sustainable supply chains

What is a sustainable supply chain?

A sustainable supply chain is much more than regulatory compliance. It's a competitive and successful model that fully integrates ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

The Future of Supply Chain podcast

Hear about hot topics, best practices, and the latest innovations for delivering a risk-resilient and sustainable supply chain. 

Start your journey to a sustainable supply chain

Explore the five actions that can turn your supply chain into a strategic contributor to environmental, social, and governance efforts and the circular economy.

Access a library of supply chain resources

Discover our latest articles, research, and video assets.

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