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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software

Design, develop, deliver, and manage innovative and sustainable products by digitalising PLM for the digital supply chain.

Make better decisions faster with a digital thread for PLM

With PLM software from SAP, you can build a risk-resilient and sustainable supply chain that provides actionable information, supports product innovation, and empowers people.

Image representing SAP Product Lifecycle Management
Connect every process

  • Build a digital thread that connects product development to the extended enterprise
  • Improve products continuously by using feedback loops from customers and sensors to gain insights
  • Share assembly instructions and service procedures with manufacturing in real time
  • Break down silos and keep information flowing between ERP and PLM

Contextualize every decision

  • Understand the impact of changes using data from multiple sources to see how decisions impact costs, weight, lead times, and more
  • Build sustainability into each product using materials, energy consumption, and emissions data to guide design choices
  • Blend the voice of the customer with business data to identify and build new products faster

Collaborate with your ecosystem

  • Engage suppliers through digital networks to accelerate design decisions and avoid delays
  • Share a digital picture of your product and securely exchange information to compress cycle times and improve time to value
  • Design products on a single platform that combines people, plans, and data


Industry 4.0

Connect production with end-to-end process execution across the supply chain

Explore PLM software from SAP

By connecting every aspect of your supply chain with PLM software from SAP, you can improve product development speed, profitability, quality, and compliance.

Your business, your choice

Take your design process to a new level and connect with the extended enterprise to contextualize design decisions and collaborate earlier with your suppliers. Learn how closed feedback loops help accelerate innovation and explore the key role of product design in sustainability initiatives to cut emissions and remove waste from the supply chain.

Responsible design

Reduce waste and optimise material choices with product designs that promote reuse over consumption.

Product compliance

Minimise your risk by embedding compliance throughout the entire product lifecycle, from early design to sales and distribution.

Product costing

Identify and simulate cost drivers throughout the product lifecycle quickly and explore alternatives for product profitability.

Change management

Run product change management processes so that only approved master data is released for production.

Visual product analytics

Become a model-based enterprise by connecting 3D CAD data with ERP and master data to visualise products from design to operate.

Bill of materials management

Minimise material and operating costs by managing product structures and bills of materials with greater effectiveness.

Product lifecycle insights

Enable everyone in the product lifecycle to take the right actions based on information aggregated in dashboards, KPIs, and charts.​

Portfolio and project management

Identify the projects that can generate the most business value to help you make the right investments at the right time.

Innovation management

Identify emerging trends before the competition by running crowd innovation campaigns to identify new product development needs. 

Requirements acquisition

Obtain feedback and manage needs with insights from voice-of-the-customer systems, service feedback, sensors, and other channels.

Requirements management

Achieve full traceability and transparency by linking requirements to product and business data. 


Bolster product development with collaboration capabilities that help reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions.

Systems Engineering

Foster a model-based systems engineering culture by verifying and validating product performance against requirements.

Product validation

Define and execute tests to help ensure that products meet company standards.

Design management

Integrate mechanical and software structures to create digital twins that facilitate multidisciplinary product development.

Recipe development

Digitise recipes and formulas, reuse information and ingredients, and run simulations and calculations in real time.

PLM integrations

Drive collaboration between engineering and the enterprise and streamline your processes across a diverse system landscape.

Product configuration

Control product data, enforce consistent change management, and create an audit trail for meeting regulatory requirements.

Intelligent handover

Hand over product models and transform them into different product model views that extend and augment the digital thread.

Connected products

Combine IoT data and engineering models to create smart digital products and digital twins for insight into assets in operation.

2D visual navigation

Access operational data for key assets, plants, and buildings quickly, and reduce downtime by making timely decisions.

Visual work instructions

Transform 3D product data into interactive service instructions to optimise maintenance schedules and minimise downtime.

Variant management

Define variant models to support the configure, price, and quote requirements for omnichannel commerce.

Visual spares and service

Turn 2D and 3D product data into interactive spare parts catalogs to increase order accuracy and drive aftermarket revenues.

Digital twin monetization

Increase recurring product revenues through innovative subscription-based business models.

See how customers are succeeding with PLM software from SAP

Get the facts on PLM software from SAP


increase in revenue from new products and services.


increase in on-time, on-budget, and in-scope projects.


increase in customer satisfaction.

What are analysts saying about innovations in R&D and PLM software?

See how sustainable design reduces climate impacts

Explore how product design is central to sustainability initiatives to cut emissions and waste from the supply chain.

Connect the product lifecycle across the enterprise

Manage the lifecycle of smart, connected products with digital technologies spanning across your business and extended enterprise.


Design to operate with SAP AI solutions

Optimise product lifecycle management to deliver at your best.

Don’t just read about PLM software from SAP, experience it

Interactive SAP Digital Supply Chain Experience

Whether you are in the discrete or process industries, it's time to reimagine our supply chains.

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