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Central Data Governance

Create, maintain, and distribute master data in a centralised source that extends across a wide variety of heterogeneous systems in your enterprise.

SAP has a new superpower

We added the transformative power of Qualtrics experience management to our intelligent technologies – and created a new tech frontier.

Ensure data consistency anytime, anywhere

  • Standardise definitions and business rules 
  • Benefit from collaborative workflows and notifications 
  • Enforce validated values 
  • Monitor a complete audit trail of changes

Mass Processing

Highly effective mass change process enabling master data stewards to perform bulk changes in business partner, customer, supplier, and product data.

Effective process to execute mass changes for attributes

  • Confidence and transparency when changing large volumes of data through statistics, change indicators and ability to validate prior to activating changes
  • Packaging, queuing, and parallelization contribute to enhanced performance even when processing large volumes of data
  • Upload changed records from CSV or Excel©file to incorporate offline processing and other information sources

Data Quality Management

Define, validate, and monitor business rules to safeguard master data readiness and fit for use.

Measure and monitor master data quality

  • Define and catalogue data-quality business rules in a central repository
  • View data-quality process indicators, trends, and error distribution across domains or dimensions
  • Benefit from an intuitive navigation and detailed analysis of data-quality issues

Process Analytics

Measure and monitor master data governance processes.

Evaluate best-record calculation

  • Enable central governance, consolidation, and mass processing with a full view into process quality
  • Access a summary dashboard and analytical listing of relevant process information
  • Benefit from an intuitive navigation and detailed analysis of process-quality issues

Detailed Product Scope

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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