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The Intelligent Enterprise

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The Intelligent Enterprise: The next frontier

Discover how to design, manufacture, and deliver products customers demand, enable your total workforce, and drive new growth via automation and innovation.

Technology is key to successes in the Experience Economy

With the rise of smartphones and social media, it’s never been easier for customers and employees to evaluate which companies provide great experiences, and which ones don’t.

Customers stories: The journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

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The future of personalised footwear at adidas

Follow adidas’ planned process for creating personalised, best-fit athletic footwear. Discover how they will design, manufacture, and deliver to individual customer demand – quickly and cost-effectively.

Delivering custom experiences at Heliotron

See how Heliotron – a family-run candle business with global reach – is creating personalised experiences at every touch point, using intelligent technologies, and fulfilling custom product orders in hours, not days.

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of machine learning early adopters cite increased profitability as the top benefit.

Economist Intelligence Unit and SAP


improvement in customer profit margin year-over-year for companies with a best-in-class customer experience.

SAP Center for Business Insight 2017 calculation based on “CEM Executive’s Agenda 2016: Aligning the Business Around the Customer,” Aberdeen Group


better business performance than peers when companies have engaged employees.

“The Importance of Employee Engagement,” Dale Carnegie Training

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The Intelligent Enterprise: The next frontier

Tune into this webcast series to learn how Intelligent Enterprises can design and deliver to demand, drive engagement, automate, innovate – and so much more.

Replay the best sessions from SAPPHIRE NOW

Replay the most popular sessions from SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 – and see how you can use the latest technologies to turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s wins.

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