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Travel and Expense Management

Gain visibility and proactively manage employee spending

Simplify expense, travel, and invoice management for greater visibility.

Solve your spend management needs

Choose your SAP Concur solutions for travel and expense management

Concur Expense

Simplify the entire expense management process, from spend requests to reconciliation with an integrated expense reporting solution. Easy-to-use tools help you improve productivity, increase compliance, and gain control over spend.

  • Cloud deployment 
  • Mobile receipt capture and prepopulated expenses
  • Integration with corporate cards 
  • Anywhere, anytime access via a mobile app

Concur Invoice

Automate the invoice management process from purchase requests to payments – and eliminate manual data entry. Streamline workflows, reduce invoice processing time and costs, and identify opportunities to improve the bottom line. 
  • Cloud deployment 
  • Electronically captured invoices
  • Integration with ERP and accounting system
  • Mobile invoice submission and approval

Concur Travel

Unify corporate travel bookings, policies, and data in one place so you can better view and manage your travel program. Increase compliance and fulfill your duty of care with greater visibility.
  • Cloud deployment 
  • Bookings captured from multiple sources
  • Traveler location, communication, and support
  • Insights to manage spend and increase compliance

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Discover hidden travel and expense savings

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Many financial leaders are unaware of hidden savings opportunities in the travel and expense line item – which is the second largest controllable area of business spending. To help, SAP Concur identified six ways to unlock savings within the T&E budget. 

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Uncomplicate travel and expense reporting

Discover how an automated expense, travel, and invoice management process improves employees’ experiences and reduces spending.  

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