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Supplier risk
  • Cloud deployment
  • Targeted risk due diligence using public and private data sources
  • Risk monitoring and compliance check
  • Risk disposition and remediation
Lifecycle management
  • Cloud deployment
  • Vender data models integrated with SAP ERP
  • Supplier qualification and segmentation
  • Self-service supplier information management

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Drive business and social impact across source-to-pay processes through risk due diligence, dearly warning signal detection, risk monitoring and mitigating in each supplier engagement.


Integrated data sources

Perform targeted risk due diligence with more than 600,000 public and private data sources.

Risk monitoring and compliance check

Track risks real-time or run periodic compliance checks, trigger alerts when anomalies are detected in more than 200 incident types. 

Risk disposition and remediation

Protect your entire business against risks with collaborative assessment of potential issues and proactive resolutions.

Drive social impact

Provide intelligence on modern slavery and workplace diversity to foster ethical sourcing.

SAP Ariba solutions help us achieve our procurement goals, especially in the case of risk management and sustainability in the supply chain.

Gregor Müller, Strategic Procurement Lead, Deutsche Bahn AG

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

Onboard, qualify, segment and manage suppliers effectively to drive compliance and optimise spend across your supply base.


Vendor data model integrated with SAP ERP

Extend your supplier data model in the cloud to receive near real-time updates on supplier creation, changes, and inactivity.

Supplier qualification and segmentation

Manage your suppliers with a flexible matrix architecture based on category, location, and business unit.

Comprehensive view of suppliers

Combine supplier network information, qualification and segmentation data into a centralised view across SAP Ariba solutions.

Self-service supplier information management

Allow suppliers to easily self-manage their information and updates using a single SAP Ariba supplier network portal.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Ariba solutions

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