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Become an intelligent enterprise by building AI bots with our bot-building platform

Improve the productivity and the commitment of your employees with conversational interfaces integrated in their workflows.

  • Provide outstanding customer and employee experiences using chatbots and take the lead in the conversation-driven economy
  • Guide users to the right page, answer FAQs, and automate tasks with chatbots natively integrated with SAP solutions
  • Build powerful enterprise chatbots by using our proprietary multilingual natural language processing (NLP) technology

Key Benefits of SAP Conversational AI

Benefit from enterprise-grade features that ensure rapid and straightforward chatbot

Build chatbots in any language

Leverage the power of our high performing natural language processing (NLP) technology capable of building human-like chatbots in any language.

Simplify the user experience for large teams

Provide all your teams with a bot-building platform that features simple UX, collaboration tools, organisational accounts, versioning, and environments.

Achieve a faster time to market

Launch powerful enterprise chatbots in days with a powerful chatbot development suite and a full integration to SAP software.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Conversational AI

75% of customer questions resolved using chatbots

Explore how health insurer Groupe Mutuel is improving customer satisfaction with a chatbot that lets customers ask questions 24x7.

Increasing productivity with a digital assistant

Learn how manufacturer NHK Spring is enhancing the employee experience with an intelligent ticketing system and chatbot services. 

Enabling the intelligent enterprise

See how automotive supplier Schaeffler uses digital assistants to help employees work with next-generation enterprise solutions. 

Build a business case

Redefining the customer experience with conversational AI

Learn how chatbots benefit your customers and discover the use cases that produce the fastest ROI.

Conversational AI for the digital employee experience

Learn why conversational AI is emerging as a key component for developing a more unified digital employee experience and how organisations see improvements in efficiency, productivity and engagement of their employees.

What are analysts saying about conversational AI platforms?

SAP is a Leader in Multiexperience Development Platforms

Learn how SAP Conversational AI supports multiexperience development by providing low-code development tools, enabling companies to revolutionise user experiences with chatbots.

Pricing and Packaging

Deployed in the cloud, SAP Conversational AI is available as software as a service (SaaS) through a monthly subscription, based on the number of unique chats.

Training and Certification

Realise business results fast with expert-led training, hands-on experience, and best practices for SAP Conversational AI.

Start your learning journey

Find the best training and certification for you and your team using our visual learning guides and plan your learning journey to get started quickly.

Partner Ecosystem

Benefit from specialist expertise to guide your project based on SAP Conversational AI. SAP partners provide the service and support you need to meet your enterprise goals.

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