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Create a project budget

Explore the cost of your SAP Cloud Platform use case.

SAP Cloud Platform brief

Build applications to meet needs quickly and economically.

SAP Cloud Platform in the garage

Discover cloud innovations in a virtual learning series.

Run live business processes for the Intelligent Enterprise

Automate structured business processes, manage decision logic and gain end-to-end process visibility.



Enhance the Intelligent Enterprise with intelligent BPM services

Improving business process experiences with intelligent automation

Learn how to unleash the full power of your business applications with SAP Cloud Platform. Integrate data from SAP apps, third-party apps, and internal solutions on-demand, with support for the processes your business depends on.

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Build, run, and manage simple and complex workflows spanning across various organisations and applications. With standard applications and forms and custom-built interfaces, users can participate in decision-making processes and data entry.


Workflow modelling

Design workflows based on the business process model and notation in a graphical editor.

Task management

Get a full view of your tasks and search and filter the report to find specific assignments, details, and completion status.

Workflow monitoring

Start new workflows and monitor and manage those with existing definitions and instances.

SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules

Author, extend and automate decisions. Empower users to manage business logic independently from application development.


Manage rule projects

Access a central repository to manage the lifecycle of business rule projects across systems.

Deployment options

Deploy rule services to multiple runtime environments such as Cloud Rule Engine, SAP SAP S/4HANA or SAP HANA.

Leverage Fiori applications

Embed business rules such as decision tables or text rules into a SaaS application using SAPUI5 to offer an in-app experience for users.

SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility

Improve process transparency and transformation to gain actionable insights into operational processes and bottlenecks.


End-to-end processes

Form, streamline, and optimise the entire thread of end-to-end processes.

Process status classification

Pinpoint and resolve issues in real time to make an immediate and positive impact on your business.

Identification of process bottlenecks

Understand reasons for process inefficiency, and transform processes with confidence.

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Embrace the benefits of process automation by creating end-to-end scenarios and importing them into a cloud factory enabled by SAP Cloud Platform to configure and execute them with a digital assistant or digital worker.


Cloud factory

Fashion user and login hierarchies, distribute jobs for bot runs, monitor execution status, and manage agent assignments.

Design bots

Build bots in a design studio by using interface declarations, constructing workflows, and debugging bot scripts.

SAP Process Mining by Celonis, cloud edition

Analyse business process performance to achieve real improvements across the enterprise.


Identify process variants

Leverage data-based process discovery to visualise and assess how processes are executed within your SAP solutions and third-party applications.

Uncover inefficiencies

Recognise all process variants and bottlenecks that may increase cycle times and costs or lead to compliance problems.

Pinpoint opportunities

Get a clear picture of where to remediate inefficient, costly, and non-compliant processes to increase efficiency with data-based improvement.

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