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Enterprise Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

Plan, budget, and forecast with an enterprise planning solution made for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams and line-of-business planners.

Plan collaboratively across department boundaries

With embedded collaboration tools and workflows, you can increase enterprise-wide accountability and optimise outcomes through accurate planning and intelligent decision-making.

Act in the moment

Make financial and operational decisions confidently by turning insight into action instantly using a personal sandbox planning environment, visualising performance metrics, and simulating potential outcomes. 

Collaborate continuously

Crowdsource plans and budgets with collaborative enterprise planning to increase engagement and accuracy, while orchestrating dynamic workflows and consolidating your data into a single source of truth.

Become an intelligent enterprise

Discover the top influencers of your strategic, operational, and financial plans with the click of a button and predict future benefits automatically to save time and improve business outcomes.



Simulate future outcomes with value driver trees

Augment existing data nodes visually with specific nodes, such as year-on-year growth, to capture data at any level and automate aggregation and disaggregation. You can also leverage a personal sandbox to model scenarios, perform what-if analysis, and simulate future outcomes based on your financial plan.


Create complex multistep allocations with ease

Give FP&A professionals the tools they need to create or load multiple allocation steps and execute allocations against any version, directly from within your business story. They can configure multiple allocation rules visually step by step, including source elements, allocation drivers, and target elements. 


Make advanced enterprise planning universal with visual formulas

Accelerate the enterprise planning process by building complex calculations with the click of a mouse and without prior knowledge in programming. Business users can create scripts by simply dragging and dropping visual elements and fine-tuning calculations with a visual editor or script view.


Analyse and get insights in the moment with smart capabilities

Understand your business drivers better and make decisions faster with insights capabilities that surface key drivers and examine contributors to specific planning indicators.


Excel 365 interface and collaborative enterprise planning

Make plans, budgets, forecasts with multiple versions in a familiar Excel experience online or on desktop while incorporating powerful analytics from SAP Analytics Cloud models. You can analyse, generate ad hoc reports, add external data and save it back into your planning models with ease.


Explore additional features

SAP Analytics Cloud Features

Explore key features of SAP Analytics Cloud built on SAP Cloud Platform and powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database.

Purchasing Options

Available on a subscription basis, SAP Analytics Cloud offers several flexible licensing options to meet your organisation’s needs.

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