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Omnichannel Customer Experience

Deliver a unified customer experience and increase profits with personalised omnichannel engagement

Expand your customer base by interacting with consumers anytime and anywhere. Using customer insight and real-time analytics, you can create personalised, in-context offers at the moment of decision and provide exceptional service in store, online, and on mobile devices.

Customer Data and Insights

Enhance the e-commerce and in-store experiences of your retail brand by understanding customers’ needs and desires before they do. By running our customer data and insights solutions, you can evaluate many facets of historical data to predict what customers demand today – and anticipate their requirements for tomorrow.
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SAP Customer Activity Repository

Gain a 360-degree customer view across all sales channels, improve demand forecasting, and maximise promotion and assortment effectiveness by capturing customer purchase transactions and loyalty program data in a unified data repository.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Build complete, 360-degree customer profiles with transactional and behavioural data from multiple channels, and tap into trends in customer behaviour with propensity models and advanced analytics that predict what they’re going to do next.

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Customer Master Data Governance

Drive profitability with a single source that delivers a unified view of customer master data.

Customer Profile

Gain unprecedented insight with a centralised, real-time, and contextual profile.

Insights and Performance Management

Optimise marketing with real-time customer insights and performance measurement and management.

Real-Time Predictions and Scoring

Improve customer experiences by creating target audiences and personalised offers across channels.

Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Find the best audience for your marketing message with advanced targeting and segmentation.

Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Get insights into customer sentiment and interests to deliver personalised in-moment experiences.

Customer Engagement and Personalisation

Exceed the expectations of your most demanding customers by informing consumers, recommending products, and influencing shopping behaviour in the moment across any channel, including in the store with mobile devices. A real-time recommendation engine suggests personalised offers to consumers, based on previous multichannel interactions.
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SAP Marketing Cloud

Deliver personalised experiences in real time, increase conversion rates, and build loyalty by using the SAP Marketing Cloud solution to create dynamic customer profiles and gain full transparency into the performance of marketing plans.

SAP Customer Relationship Management

Build customer loyalty and win more deals by using the SAP CRM application to engage customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device from a single, end-to-end platform, and stay a step ahead of demand by analysing data in real time.

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Marketing Recommendations

Increase profits with real-time personalisation of marketing recommendations across channels.

Loyalty Management

Turn consumers into advocates with multichannel loyalty programs that create relevant experiences.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Strengthen customer loyalty through behaviour-based, real-time personalisation.


Analyse browsing behaviour and improve customer experiences with advanced remarketing capabilities.

Cross-Channel Engagement

Engage customers in the moment with contextually relevant experiences across the customer journey.

Store and Digital Commerce

Provide a seamless customer experience when customers come into your stores, order online, or call. Our integrated software can help you ensure efficient, secure point-of-sale transactions; help store employees manage in-store merchandising and inventory, as well as your digital store; and capture customer orders, improve customer service, and manage customer financials.
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SAP Customer Activity Repository

Optimise branding, marketing, promotions, pricing, merchandising, and inventory management in stores and online by capturing customer purchase transactions, loyalty program data, and warehouse and in-store stock in a unified data repository.

SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GK

Connect with your customers where they shop – whether it’s in the store, on-the-go, or via your Web store – with a single, common view of your customer that allows you to deliver personalised and consistent promotions.

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Store Commerce

Blend together brick-and-mortar and digital store commerce seamlessly to better serve customers.

Digital Commerce

Engage customers and drive revenue by engaging customers across all channels and touchpoints.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Deliver an omnichannel customer service experience to meet customers' expectations.

Customer Financials Management

Improve visibility and revenue recognition to lower operational costs and days sales outstanding.

Omnichannel Order Management

Help ensure the right price goes to the right place across multiple channels by gaining visibility into your current inventory before capturing orders. Our end-to-end software allows you to manage and process customer orders from any channel, intelligently source orders and promise inventory from anywhere in the supply chain, and quickly process payments and returns.
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SAP Customer Activity Repository

Identify the right fulfilment locations based on predefined sourcing rules and strategies with a unified data repository that provides insights into current stock for stores, distribution centres, and third-party drop-ship vendors.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Reduce overhead stock levels, improve delivery efficiencies, and cut shipping costs by gaining total visibility into the order process; providing omnichannel fulfilment options; and enabling customers to buy, pick up, and deliver anywhere.

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Omnichannel Inventory Visibility

Achieve a near real-time view on inventory across all sales and communication channels.

Order Sourcing and Product Availability

Create flexible assignments of demand to supply, supporting order management from anywhere.

Advanced Order Promising (ATP)

Focus on fulfilling customer needs instead of order-fulfilment tasks with automated order promising.

Omnichannel Price and Promotional Offer Execution

Calculate sales prices and promotional offers for shopping carts in respective sales channels.

Sales Order Management and Processing

Simplify order processing – from quote to cash – with integrated order management and processing.

Billing and Invoicing

Streamline the complete sales order lifecycle for faster billing with less administration.

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higher cross-selling and up-selling through greater customer insight.

SAP Benchmarking


increase in cross-sell and up-sell revenue when customer-facing employees have ready access to product and competitive information.

SAP Benchmarking


improvement in operating margin when monitoring sales trends and proactively addressing revenue shortfalls.

SAP Benchmarking

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