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How to install and setup git on HANA, express edition.

By Daniel Wroblewski

A How-To that shows how to install and setup the git source code management system on a HANA, express edition virtual machine.

How-To Details

The HANA, express edition virtual machine uses SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12.1 as the guest operating system. The HANA, express edition release of SLES includes the Zypper package manager. This tutorial shows how to use the Zypper package manager to download packages needed for setting up a git repository. At the end of this tutorial, your HANA, express edition virtual machine should be configured so you can clone and use git repositories on your HANA, express edition virtual machine.

Setting Up Proxies

  1. If you are inside a firewall, you may need to configure HANA, express edition virtual machine proxies to be able to reach the internet. If you are not inside a firewall or you have already set up proxies on your virtual machine, skip ahead to Setting Up Repositories.

  2. Open up the SuSE configuration tool yast. yast must be run as the root user.

    sudo yast

    This will open up the Yast Control Center.

  3. Select Network Services in the left hand pane using the arrow keys. This will list all the Network Services in the right hand pane.

  4. Tab over to the right hand pane.

  5. Navigate to the Proxy service and hit the Enter key to select it. This will open the Proxy Configuration pane.

  6. Select Enable Proxy.

  7. Under HTTP Proxy URL enter your http proxy including the port number if necessary. For example, Enter the appropriate values for the other protocols. You may want to select Use the Same Proxy for All Protocols if you use the same proxy for all protocols. Be sure that you your No Proxy Domains includes localhost,

  8. Press F10 key to save your changes.

  9. Press F9 to exit yast.

  10. Exit the shell to make sure that your changes are picked up by the current shell.

Setting Up Software Repositories and Installing Git

The HANA, express edition SuSE Linux Enterprise operating system includes the ZYpp system management library (libzypp) for managing software packages and the zypper command line tool for interfacing with libzypp. Libzypp stores packages in software repositories. The following instructions show how to configure the repositories needed by libzypp to install git. Git requires some packages from the perl repository on the site and several packages from the Source Code Management scm repository.

  1. Add the Perl repository, and name it PerlRepository:

    sudo zypper addrepo PerlRepository

    When prompted to trust the key to the PerlRepository, you can choose to trust it temporarily or always depending on your security requirements.

  2. Add the Source Code Management repository and name it SCMRepository:

    sudo zypper addrepo SCMRepository

    When prompted to trust the key to the SCMRepository, you can choose to trust it temporarily or always depending on your security requirements.

  3. Install git using the zypper install command:

    sudo zypper install git

    When prompted to continue with package installation, enter ‘y’. Git and all its dependent packages will be installed.

Verifying the Git Installation

Verify your git installation by cloning a git repository to your HANA, express edition virtual machine. You can do this using any git repository to which you have access. For this example, you will clone the PyHDB repository from <>. Feel free to clone a different repository.

  1. Make a directory to store your git repositories:

    mkdir mygitprojects

  2. Navigate to mygitprojects:

    cd mygitprojects

  3. Clone the repository:

    git clone

    You will see the message “Cloning into ‘PyHDB’…”“ followed by information on the number of repository objects being cloned. When the cloning is complete, you will see a line such as ”Resolving deltas: 100% (738/738), done." ### Note: the number of deltas may vary depending on the release version of PyHDB.

    When the clone completes you will be ready to use git for source code management on your HANA, express edition virtual machine

Next Steps

Updated 03/04/2018

Time to Complete

20 Min.



  • Setup: HANA, express edition must be running.

Next Steps

  • Complete other tutorials.
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