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Creating a lifetime SAP Universal ID account is easy

SAP Universal ID – one identity for life!

Create your SAP Universal ID: Three steps, two minutes, done!

SAP Universal ID provides a unified account across SAP sites that links all your existing company associations (S/P-user IDs) and allows you to switch between them as needed.


With SAP Universal ID, you can:
  • Take control of your experience by owning your personal SAP identity
  • Manage one account by linking all your existing accounts in one universal account
  • Use it wherever you go, regardless of where you work

Once your account is set up, you can access the SAP Universal ID Account Manager, which is your single-entry point to view, update, and manage your personal information, account security settings, and associations to companies.

Get more from your experience on with an SAP Universal ID


Create your SAP Universal ID account today to access free software trials, analyst reports and white papers, SAP Community, and virtual events. 


Next, you can create your own personal dashboard based on your interests. You can receive notifications when new content is added, save content to view later, and pick up where you left off with recently viewed content.

Explore the road map for SAP Universal ID

SAP Universal ID supports over 500 SAP sites, including, SAP for Me, SAP Community, SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, SAP Learning Hub, and SAP Partner Portal.

The enablement of SAP Universal ID on SAP sites will happen in two phases:

Phase one – Conditional integration: You may use your S/P-user IDs or your SAP Universal ID to log in. 

  • Status: Complete

Phase two – Enhanced integration: Accessing a site with enhanced integration is only possible with your SAP Universal ID login credentials. S/P-user IDs login is no longer supported.

  • Status: Targeted date to migrate all S/P-user ID accounts by the end of 2022

As sites begin to support enhanced SAP Universal ID integration, users will be required to migrate existing S/P-user IDs. All new S-users must be linked to an SAP Universal ID, as the S-user provides the authorization entitlement under the control of SAP Universal ID. Linked P-users will ensure continuity and content migration.


With enhanced integration, switching between S/P-user IDs is a simple process, available from the Account Selector, with no need to log out and log in.


Built-In Support is the first application to provide enhanced integration, and will be the next site to be enabled.

Following our target migration date, there will be no stand-alone users and all accounts will be SAP Universal ID accounts at the beginning of 2023.


For additional information, see:

Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Universal ID provides easier access to SAP sites. With SAP Universal ID, you have one single SAP account for life. It gives you the ability to log in once and choose between your S/P-user IDs, enabling you to easily switch between users and manage your account profile.

SAP Universal ID allows you to combine all your existing and future S/P-user accounts under a single password, eliminating the need to keep track of all your S/P-user IDs.

Visit the SAP Universal ID registration site and follow the instructions.

SAP Universal ID provides access to over 500 SAP sites, including, SAP for Me, SAP Community, SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, SAP Learning Hub, and SAP Partner Portal.


Please ensure you select the appropriate S-user for the site you wish to access with your SAP Universal ID.

Your SAP Universal ID is personal and belongs to you throughout your working life. S-user IDs are provided by your company and function as an authorization. When you change roles or companies, the administrator will remove your S-user ID, but your SAP Universal ID remains with you.

SAP Universal ID supports the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, as well as iOS and Android browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Eventually, SAP Universal ID will supersede existing S/P-user IDs to log in to SAP sites. When SAP Universal ID becomes mandatory, your S/P-user IDs linked to your SAP Universal ID remain available. As of the second half of 2021, any new S-user ID created will automatically link to your SAP Universal ID.

No, SAP Universal ID is a free account and requires no software installation.

Please contact the SAP support team for assistance.

The verification code is needed to verify your e-mail address and to confirm that you own the e-mail address you provided. On receipt of the verification code, you will have 15 minutes to use it before it becomes inactive.

  1. Check your spam or junk folders
  2. Confirm that the e-mail address was entered correctly – if not entered correctly, you must start the creation process and request a new verification code
  3. Request a new verification code

SAP Universal ID Account Manager is used to manage your linked accounts, personal data, security, and privacy settings.

During registration, you will be forwarded to the Linking Manager which will retrieve the S/P-user accounts that match the e-mail that you have verified.

If you already have an SAP Universal ID, you can link additional S/P-user ID(s) accounts anytime in SAP Universal ID Account Manager.

No, once you link your S/P-user ID to one SAP Universal ID, you cannot link it to another SAP Universal ID. 

If you have already linked an S/P-user ID to your SAP Universal ID, it isn’t possible to link the same S/P-user ID to another SAP Universal ID.  

SAP Universal ID does not support sharing of S-user IDs. Your administrator will need to create a unique S-user ID to ensure there is an identifiable person corresponding to each S-user ID. This will ensure data integrity, security, and compliance with legal regulations.

In the Account Selector, adjust the “Sort by” filter to “Login Date” and your most recently used account will appear at the top of the list.

Currently, you have to log out and log in again with a different user. As we enable sites with enhanced capabilities, you will be able to switch between users within an active session. 

Please contact your company administrator and request deletion. 

Yes, you can use your personal e-mail address and you can also maintain multiple e-mail addresses. One of these e-mail addresses must be assigned as your primary address. You need to validate ownership of any e-mail address used in your SAP Universal ID.

Yes, you can maintain multiple e-mail addresses and assign one of these as your primary e-mail address through the SAP Universal ID Account Manager. Please note that you must also maintain the e-mail address of any S/P-user IDs linked to your SAP Universal ID, as the linkage to S/P-user IDs is based on a valid e-mail address.



SAP Universal ID is personal and only one person can own an SAP Universal ID. Therefore, SAP Universal ID does not support the use of shared e-mail addresses, such as This will ensure data integrity, security, and compliance with legal regulations.


The responsible company administrator will withdraw the permissions and authorizations to access the company’s systems. As a result, the S-user ID will be unlinked from your SAP Universal ID. You can continue to use your SAP Universal ID. If you move to another company, you can link a new S-user ID through SAP Universal ID Account Manager.

Super administrators can see if an S-user is linked to an SAP Universal ID. 

Please refer to the following guideline: SAP Universal ID password change and reset.

If you still face challenges, please create an official support ticket for the support team to investigate further.

Questions? Get in touch!

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