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Education and research with SAP Next-Gen

We enable the next generation to learn, research, and innovate with business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Educational Institutions and Industry Partners

Partner with SAP Next-Gen to prepare talent for the future. This global program enables faculty and teachers to educate next-generation talents, gain SAP skills, engage with SAP events, build industry partnerships, launch graduates in the SAP ecosystem, empower the digital university, and inspire young thinkers.

Meet some of our partners

Women in Data Science (WiDS)

The WiDS initiative of Stanford University aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and support women in the field. Together, we organise events and inspire the next generation of women to engage in data science. 

Digital Insights

Digital Insights offers youth-exclusive insights into tech companies, such as Microsoft Deutschland and SIEMENS, as well as school networks MINT-EC, SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Deutschland, and Berufswahl-SIEGEL. It organises three-day virtual events in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, followed by community exchange and activities for event alumni.

Explore SAP Next-Gen past projects

See how we're connecting academia, industry partners, and students to tackle real-life challenges.

SAP Next-Gen projects align academic education and practical experiences to enhance the digital mindset. Students work on real business challenges in cooperation with companies in SAP’s ecosystem. By using innovative methods and SAP solutions, students create high-level prototypes. SAP Next-Gen projects can be integrated into the study program as a semester course or graduation project.

PWC and University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main

SAP customer PWC worked with students from the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main to create a prototype for automated identification and calculation of process costs.

Red Bull, BMW, Hilti, and the Technical University of Munich

For one summer semester, SAP organised design thinking projects involving companies, such as Red Bull, BMW, and Hilti. The students were given the opportunity to work on interesting topics, including the IoT, business model on open data, and distribution and logistics.

Vodafone, Commerzbank, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Students from KIT and their academic supervisors teamed up with industry partners Commerzbank, TwoGo, and Vodafone to apply design thinking, business model innovation, and a running prototype on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to challenges.

Meet some of our our educational and industry project partners

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