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Marek Vernicek

Technical Implementation Lead, SAP Ariba

Marek's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


I really enjoy my time in SAP as I can grow in any direction I wish and yet I can maintain healthy work-life balance.

Marek Vernicek

My SAP journey started in 2018. After 5 years in my previous company, I felt that I had no more opportunities to grow, and I wanted to try something new. One day I was approached by a talent hunter who noticed that I might be a good fit for the company. I didn’t know that SAP has a large Prague office and so many interesting opportunities to offer. I knew SAP from school, and I had some previous experience with the system as an analyst, but I always inclined more to websites and cloud solutions. During my interview at SAP, I learned that SAP has, several cloud platforms and that got my attention right away!

joined SAP as a Technical Implementation Lead for SAP Ariba and within couple of days I knew that I had made the right decision. I never experienced such great company culture like at SAP. All employees are treated equally, and our team has this amazing and friendly atmosphere so that you could call them your second family.

My first days started with well-structured onboarding, where I learned more about company and what would be expected from me during first couple of weeks. Very soon I realized how big the SAP cloud world is. Within a year I felt confident to work on projects independently and I had more time to explore SAP offerings, especially its learning opportunities.

What I love about the company is that when it comes to learning, the sky is the limit. We have nearly endless access to different trainings both internal and external, as well as a free option for two certifications per year. I regularly use this opportunity and currently I have around 10 certifications on my account. Obtaining those certificates not only helped me to master the knowledge of the product I work with, but also the solutions which are connected to them so that I understand the full end to end flow process.

My manager noticed my eagerness to self-improve and nominated me for SAP Catalyst Program. This program helps you to grow within the company, extend your network and even let you try a small project in different departments of the company. This is a unique opportunity and I really enjoyed this program. There is even an award for active participation. You can get Credly badge which is presentable on LinkedIn. Recently, opportunities to get these badges grow exponentially and if you are eager to learn then you can proudly share this on your LinkedIn profile, which improves your overall skillset as well as personal brand for future opportunities.

During the last three years, I was never bored, and I mean it in a good way! There are always opportunities for personal and career growth. And not only that, but you can also regularly participate in internal competitions and win some nice prizes!

Nowadays, SAP tries to promote cloud solutions even more. I am really looking forward to this as I trust it is a step in the right direction and it is exactly what I am interested in. I am learning on my own about these solutions to be able to support this transition successfully. As part of this process, I have managed to become an SAP curator. This nice initiative helps connecting universities and students with SAP customers, giving them opportunity to work on real business use cases instead of just theory. The curator role is something like a project manager in a smaller scale. This gives me an opportunity to work on my presentation, communication, and other project manager skills as well as learn about different SAP solutions which are not standardly in scope of my position in SAP Ariba.

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