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Claudio Muruzabal

President of SAP South Europe, Middle East, Africa | Chairman of SAP Latin America & Carribean

Claudio's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


If you have the right people, you can take an organization to heights you never thought possible.

Claudio Muruzabal

Joining SAP five years ago was not a difficult decision. I was leading a consulting company at the time that had partnered with SAP for over a decade. I already knew a lot about the company, its products and specially its people and culture. My interactions with SAP had already taught me three very important things:

1. SAP always puts customers first and is committed to meeting each customer’s specific needs.
2. SAP is in constant innovation to deliver its customers the most advanced technologies, including the leading ERP in the world.
3. SAP teams are driven, motivated, and always get the job done.

Additionally, my daughter, who worked at SAP already, had been telling me only great things about the company (what better reference than that!)

So, when the opportunity presented itself to become regional president for SAP Latin America and Caribbean, I made the leap. At the time, SAP had twenty-one years’ experience in the region, and was a company that was making possible for so many LAC businesses to innovate and compete in the global economy. Now it was my role to guide the teams I admired as a business partner.

If you have the right people, you can take an organization to heights you never thought possible. So that’s what I did: I focused on the people first, and how we could embrace the SAP values and behaviors to deliver the best products and experience to our customers; then we reshaped the strategy.

In fact, I’m a strong advocate of mentoring. One of the biggest satisfactions I’ve had during these five years at SAP is seeing young professionals I hired and mentored advance in their careers and move into new roles. But mentoring is a two-way street. I’ve learned so much from their fresh ideas and points of view, as they learned from me, giving me the opportunity to also grow as a leader!

Together, the team and I embraced a period of transformation, not only for SAP, but for the world we live in. We embarked on a journey to transform businesses digitally, from mostly on premise to a cloud-based world. We worked to understand customers’ specific needs, their desired results, and their industries, to make the transition smooth and take the most advantage of the latest technologies. That sense of empathy continues to be the fuel that drives our team: we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes every single day and are committed to never leave a customer behind. Now with twenty-six years’ experience in the region, more than 48,000 customers (80% of which are small and mid-size business) and 5,000 employees, I could not be happier with the success we’ve had in the region.

Much as I embraced a new opportunity five years ago, I am taking on the new role of President of SAP South Europe, Middle East, Africa. I am thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to lead SAP Latin America these past five years and I’m eager to see what the next five will bring our way. I am proud to be part of SAP!



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