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Fred Henein

Director of Data Services for Data Enrichment  

Fred's story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I’m only as successful as the people I work with.

Fred Henein
Director of Data Services for Data Enrichment 
Winner of the SAP Services Heroes Awards

Promoting Respect, Honesty and Openness During Times of Change 

As the Director of Data Services for Data Enrichment, Fred Henein wears multiple hats. He is responsible for behind the scenes spend analysis, and he also works with customers to set up their data structures.

COVID brought on many challenges, but Fred and his global team of 85 were able to manage customer expectations and quickly adapt to remote working conditions. Fred regularly checked in with his team, relying on video conferencing, one-on-one’s, and simply asking a lot of questions. He stated, “SAP is a big animal so finding your way through is important; but you need to ask the right questions. People within the company generally want to help.”

In addition, Fred puts a great deal of trust in his colleagues. He takes great pride in emphasizing their talents, encouraging learning, and being open, honest, and respectful. “Respect is hugely important, along with honesty and openness. I make sure to tell people what I know and what I don’t know. I make sure people have a safe environment where they can be open and where they feel their concerns are taken seriously.”

Recently, Fred received the SAP Services “Culture Champion” Hero award as a recognition of his hard work and dedication to his team. This experience affirms Fred’s deep belief that teamwork is key to success. Fred acknowledges that although his team is successful, they are also focused on continuous improvement. He believes that we should never stop learning in order to grow as individuals.

When he is not working, Fred spends time in the country with his wife and two grown children. A firm believer in work-life balance, Fred plays hockey one to two times a week and enjoys exercising outdoors.

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