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What is Big Data?

Big Data is the ocean of information we swim in every day – vast zetabytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices, and machine sensors. With the right Big Data tools, your organisation can store, manage, and analyse this data – and gain valuable insights that were previously unimaginable. Big Data technologies such as in-memory data management, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning can help you transform decision making and your business.

Benefits of Big Data

The human face of Big Data

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The Human Face of Big Data, an award-winning documentary, sponsored by SAP and Intel, explores how real-time Big Data visualisation tools are helping the world address some of humanity’s biggest challenges – including pollution, world hunger, and illness.

Big Data challenges

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Bringing order to data chaos

Are you spending too much time managing data rather than using it? Overcome the challenges of being “data-driven” with this set of strategies, which includes automatically sourcing and combining all data types in real time.

Busting data management myths

What are the biggest challenges faced by organisations with complex data environments? Find out – and play the Big Data Bluffing Game, a fun quiz to test your knowledge while shedding some light on common Big Data misconceptions.

Go beyond the hype of new technologies

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Discover how technologies, like AI, blockchain, and IoT, work and how they can help your business take advantage of Big Data, explained in a way you can actually understand.

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