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Empower your users by driving adoption and productivity

Maximise software adoption, increase productivity, and stay up to speed with evolving technology through a culture of continuous learning.

Speed digital adoption with training and services from SAP

Achieve KPIs and improve the user experience by enabling new, more effective ways to work. With training from SAP, you can empower everyone – at every level – to maximise performance and achieve proven, measurable, and transformative outcomes.

Receive guidance from SAP Learning services

Reach software adoption goals faster with help from SAP experts who coordinate organisational change, assess your learning needs, create a strategic enablement plan, and support enablement content development.

Get a head start with embedded learning

Be productive from day one with built-in help, tutorials, and what’s new information – live within many cloud solutions from SAP – to kick-start your learning when you need it.

Simplify learning content creation

Ease the creation, editing, and deployment of additional customer-specific, context-sensitive learning materials, including formal and informal training and adoption support, with the SAP Enable Now solution.

The transformative impact of training

Discover training best practices for exceptional business outcomes

Find out how 1,000 SAP customers from small to large businesses responded to online questions related to training before deployment and after implementation in a recent IDC global study.

Explore the human factors that build resilience

Learn how resilience, emotional intelligence, and experimentation will be essential skills for digital transformation in this SAP Insights article. 

Future-proof your team with SAP Learning

Discover the criteria for being a leading IT training provider.

Take advantage of new technologies and realise the full value from your investment

SAP Learning services have helped thousands of companies increase software adoption and achieve greater business outcomes and success through continuous enablement.

Get ahead of the learning curve

Our proven methodology revolves around organisational change management, enablement planning, and enablement execution to drive greater software adoption and productivity. 

Get a head start with help and learning content already embedded in your solution

The SAP Companion service is already integrated in many SAP applications to provide help and learning content to your end users.

In-app support delivered by SAP Companion

With SAP Companion, your end users are supported and enabled while they work, helping them work more productively and get their job done with SAP solutions.

  • Context-sensitive: Learning is relevant to the app users are working in
  • Instant: Help is available exactly when users need it
  • Guiding: Interactive step-by-step instructions walk users through the processes


Key features and capabilities

A selection of basic user learning is provided in many cloud solutions from SAP, based on commonly used business processes. Access and consumption of this user learning is free of charge and delivered by the SAP Companion service, integrated in many SAP applications.


  • Provides descriptive explanations for specific areas on the current screen
  • Enables users to orient quickly in new or rarely used apps

Guided tours

  • Provides step-by-step guidance through live processes, where tasks are completed in real time


  • Provides step-by-step guidance in a simulation environment, where users are enabled to work in the live system after completing the tour
  • Uses simulations for general SAP system navigation and for administrators and key users on SAP system customisation and configuration

What's new?

  • Delivers proactive notifications on new or improved interface elements
  • Drives in-app change management

Reduce learning curves with relevant, timely, and proactive enablement content

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SAP Enable Now

Give employees who use SAP solutions access to the business training they need – anytime and anywhere. Simplify the creation and deployment of context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and workplace e-learning materials. 

Search over 200 registered SAP partners 

Get help understanding your unique training requirements and develop a plan.

Questions? Get in touch!

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