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Speed deployment and productivity with training from SAP

Achieve KPIs and improve the user experience by enabling new, more effective ways to work. Get training that empowers everyone – at every level – to maximise performance and achieve proven, measurable, transformative outcomes.

Receive expert guidance with consulting services

Reach software training goals faster with help from SAP experts who assess your educational needs, create a strategic training plan, coordinate organisational change, and provide enablement execution services.

Get quality training from a registered partner

Search over 200 registered SAP partners who can help you understand your unique training requirements and develop a customised training plan.

Explore SAP Learning Hub

Gain instant, cloud-based access to a wide variety of SAP learning content and online learning rooms, with a range of options to fit your business needs.

Discover the continuous learning framework

Get guidance on implementations, as well as training new users and expanding skillsets for existing applications, with our five-step framework.

Explore our solutions for learning management

Embrace a learning culture by improving employee skills and training external learning audiences.

The transformative impact of training

In a recent global study, 1,000 SAP customers from small to large businesses responded to online questions relating to training before deployment and after implementation. Learn how to benefit from the research finding.

View a condensed data-packed virtual session with IDC Training and Certification Analyst, Cushing Anderson, who will take you through the research methodology and findings when SAP customers invested in training

Take advantage of new technologies and realise the full value from your investment

Consulting services from SAP Training and Adoption have helped thousands of companies through continuous enablement – proven to increase software adoption and lead to greater business outcomes and success.

Get ahead of the learning curve

Our proven methodology revolves around SAP Organisational Change Management, Enablement Planning, and Enablement Execution to drive greater software adoption and productivity. 

Work with an SAP Partner

Find a local partner near you

Search over 200 registered SAP partners who can help you understand your unique training requirements and develop a customised training plan.

Get your employees up to speed on time and on budget

Based on many years of experience with global software deployments, the SAP Training and Adoption organisation has developed a continuous learning framework with clearly defined steps and training activities.

Discover our step-by-step training blueprint

Our five-step framework orients toward new implementations. For existing applications, it provides guidance on training new users and expanding skill sets, as well as pinpointing knowledge gaps and developing content to resolve them. 

Increase user productivity and measure adoption of SAP technology

Enablement software supplies built-in content for SAP cloud solutions and analytical insights into SAP product usage.

SAP Enable Now

Give employees who use SAP solutions access to the business training they need – anytime and anywhere. Simplify the creation and deployment of context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and workplace e-learning materials. 

SAP User Experience Management by Knoa

Collect real-time data directly from users’ desktops to find exactly where problems lie, so you can determine and implement the most effective solution.

Train and enable users of SAP software

Effective employee engagement provides people with rewarding experiences in the workplace that drive productivity and greater satisfaction. Put your SAP software users first and unleash impressive results. Access the Employee Productivity and Engagement Kit and learn how to get the best return on your investment.

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