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Accelerate next-gen application development with SAP HANA

Build smart, real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions – and deploy them on any device – with SAP HANA. Our in-memory application development platform includes a wide range of tools, including a Web-based developer workbench and IDE. Create apps that offer personalised experiences and instant response times – and take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and advanced analytics.

Application Development Services

Simplify your application architecture

With SAP HANA Extended Applications Services (XS), you can build Web-based applications that communicate with SAP HANA and efficiently process large amounts of data. Your data benefits form rapid inter-process communication – instead of being transferred between a database and an application server over an independent network. Use SAP HANA XS to simplify your application architecture, achieve optimal app performance, and reduce complexity in your IT environment – all at the same time.
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Get the details

Learn more about how SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS) can help simplify and speed up the development of Web-based applications.

What’s included?

Gain a better understanding of what’s delivered with SAP HANA XS, including SAP HANA studio, SAP UI5, OData services, and Server-Side JavaScript.

UI design with SAP UI5

Read how the SAP UI Development Kit makes it easy to design user interfaces based on HTML5 and JavaScript for mobile and Web applications.  

How to use OData services

Find out how to access data for your Web applications using Open Data Protocol (OData) services and the SAP HANA studio developer workbench.

App Development Languages

Leverage standard app development languages

Choose the programming language that best fits your needs and expertise. SAP HANA supports a variety of standard app development languages for client-side, server-side, and algorithms development.
  • Client-side – choose any language that works with standard interfaces, such as JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), and RESTful Web services
  • Server-side – use SQLScript, Server-Side JavaScript, or C++
  • Algorithms and business logic – choose from C++ or R script
  • Multi-dimensional query expressions – leverage ODBO (OLE DB for OLAP) or MDX (multidimensional expressions)
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Take a detailed look at SAP HANA SQLScript – a collection of data, functional, and procedural SQL extensions for SAP HANA app development.

Server-Side JavaScript APIs

Use server-side JavaScript application programming interfaces (APIs) to develop free-form services that communicate between your applications and SAP HANA.

R Script

Learn how to use R programming language to develop statistical algorithms for predictive analytics – and process R code in-line as part of a query execution.

Application Development Tools

Take advantage of rapid application development tools

Work in the application development environment that best suits your style. With SAP HANA, you can choose from Eclipse, Web, or ABAP-based development tools:
  • SAP HANA studio – an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for data modelling, app development, database administration, and security  
  • SAP Web IDE – a browser-based development environment that includes built-in tools for application lifecycle management
  • ABAP – a development environment for experienced ABAP programmers that includes optimised tools for building SAP app extensions on SAP HANA
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SAP HANA studio tools

Learn how to use our Eclipse-based development tools to create persistence and analytic models, write procedures, access data, build UIs, and set up user roles.

SAP Web IDE tools

Find out how SAP Web IDE tools can help you develop apps using wizards, templates, and code editors. You can also use it to customise or build SAP Fiori applications.


Learn how to use the ABAP development environment to build apps that interact with SAP HANA. Visit our developer community and watch tutorials for more information.

Core Data Services

Enrich your data models and modernize app development

The core data services in SAP HANA can help you model your application data and create database schema, tables, and views at design time. Use them to extend SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) and enrich your data models with annotations and associations that add a sematic meaning.
SAP HANA stores your models in a database repository and activates them at runtime by creating the appropriate data objects. Overall, the core data services provide an efficient way to interact with data embedded into your programs and facilitate the re-use of data models.
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Understand the relationship between SAP HANA and ABAP core data services – and learn how you can use them to define and consume semantically rich data models in SAP HANA.

Get the details

Learn more about how you can use SAP HANA core data services to define a persistence model that includes database objects – and make the objects accessible to applications.

Function Libraries

Accelerate application performance

Re-use packaged components to improve both developer productivity and app performance. Our function libraries include:
  • Application function library (AFL) – delivers ready-to-use procedures that you can call directly from SQLScript; all AFL functions run close to the data inside the SAP HANA database, for unmatched app performance
  • Predictive analytics library (PAL) – included in the AFL, this library contains over 20 algorithms that let you embed data mining and predictive scenarios into your own applications
  • Application function modeler (AFM) – this graphical editor in SAP HANA studio lets you connect to the BFL and PAL, and use visualisation and drag-and-drop capabilities to speed results
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Business function library (BFL)

Get information on using the BFL for common business functions – such as currency conversion, moving averages, and rolling forecasts.

Predictive analytics library (PAL)

Find out how to use algorithms to implement complex statistical functions – clustering, classification, associations, and more.

Application function library (AFL)

Use the application function modeler to connect to the BFL or PAL, and customise existing algorithms without writing a single line of code.

Planning and Design

Create and maintain a complete landscape architecture

Your digital transformation strategy’s success depends on capturing, sharing, and visually understanding your enterprise architecture, now and in its desired state. SAP Enterprise Architecture (EA) Designer enables all stakeholders to participate in planning, designing, and governing the architecture – facilitating consensus and compliance. SAP EA Designer is native to the SAP HANA platform and is part of the advanced model of SAP HANA extended application services. This architecture provides a simple one-server deployment that keeps administration straightforward.

Application Lifecycle Management

Simplify the entire application lifecycle

Streamline and speed up the transition from application development to production – with SAP HANA lifecycle management capabilities. Our framework and best practices can help you quickly prepare your applications for production deployment. Define the right product structure, track object changes, prepare product delivery units, validate and assemble your applications – and confidently deploy on time and to user expectations.
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Lifecycle management services

SAP HANA lifecycle management services cover two aspects: platform lifecycle management (to install and customise the SAP HANA platform) and application lifecycle management (to manage SAP HANA apps).

Get the details

Learn more about our application lifecycle management tools and how they support all phases of an app’s life – including modelling, developing, transporting, assembling, testing, and installing.
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