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SAP HANA administration: Your centre for always-on performance

Discover SAP HANA administration. Keep your data secure and accessible – while simplifying your IT operations – with our state-of-the art tools and technologies. See how you can maintain a secure environment for your mission-critical applications and your most valuable data assets.

Capture and Replay

Safeguard stable upgrades with capture and replay tool for SAP HANA

Ensure that your SAP HANA on-premise landscape adapts to change without disruption, using capture and replay tool for SAP HANA. With this advanced administration tool, you can experience new SAP HANA versions and configurations, without affecting your production deployments. Automatically capture a real production system workload and replay it on a testing environment to accurately simulate, analyse, and predict the performance impact of software or hardware changes. Reduce the manual effort of testing new configurations, and safely embrace innovation without risking system stability.

Get the details

Learn more about testing new SAP HANA innovations while preserving stability and maintaining continuous access to core business processes and data.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Maintain continuous access to your data

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery – minimise downtime and always achieve your recovery time objectives (RTO). SAP HANA is designed to deliver continuous system availability and protect your business from a broad range of outages, whether caused by a local software error or a natural disaster.
With SAP HANA high availability features, you benefit from a rock-solid foundation – an enterprise-class, in-memory solution designed for continuous operation, even during failures.
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Understand core technical concepts

Learn about SAP HANA’s different design options and functionality for high availability and disaster recovery.

Learn about Active/Active read-enabled

Read how SAP HANA system replication, now with the new Active/Active read-enabled feature, further supports utilising secondary systems to offload read intense workloads.


Leverage virtualisation to lower costs

Boost efficiency and agility – while reducing the cost of IT operations – by running SAP HANA in a virtualisation environment. Host multiple, isolated database instances on one or more servers – so that each database instance appears as if running on a separate machine. This helps lower costs, while maintaining high performance.
SAP has partnered with VMware and Hitachi to support virtualisation across production and non-production installations and deployments.
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Learn more about VMware and SAP

Discover how VMware and SAP are working together to help you run SAP HANA in a virtualised environment.

Discover supported scenarios

Explore supported production and non-production scenarios for running SAP HANA virtualisation using VMware.

Monitoring and Administration

Simplify SAP HANA monitoring and administration

Leverage versatile tools for your SAP HANA monitoring. Ensure the health of your system and effectively administer your data infrastructure.
  • SAP HANA Studio: Administer the SAP HANA environment
  • SAP HANA Cockpit: Monitor and administer a single SAP HANA database with a Web-based tool
  • SAP DB Control Center: Perform aggregate monitoring across several SAP HANA instances and other SAP database products
  • SAP Solution Manager: Perform basic administration and holistic monitoring of applications running on SAP HANA
  • SAP Landscape Management: Automate and orchestrate advanced system operations with a centralised management console for your entire SAP landscape
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Monitor SAP HANA

Learn how to monitor SAP HANA using a basic checklist. The SAP HANA Academy offers dozens of free tutorials on SAP HANA monitoring.

Administer SAP HANA

Read the SAP HANA administration guide to learn about the various tools available to you. Explore uses for the SAP HANA cockpit.

Platform Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage the platform lifecycle

Streamline installations, configurations, and upgrades for your entire SAP HANA environment. Leverage a rich set of tools to help you manage the SAP HANA platform across its lifecycle – and simplify deployment and maintenance, while reducing costs.

Get the details

Learn more about SAP HANA platform lifecycle management and the tools you can use to install, configure, and upgrade your environment.


Ensure the security of your business data

Meet compliance requirements with confidence – by relying on SAP HANA security features to implement specific security policies. Any SAP applications you run on SAP HANA benefit from the same solid security foundation, with optional incremental protection if you choose. For example, you can integrate SAP HANA with your existing security infrastructure – and control database administrators’ access – to constantly maintain the security of your data. For more information on SAP HANA security, please click here.
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Get a security overview

Learn what you need to know about SAP HANA to comply with security-relevant regulations and policies – and protect your SAP HANA implementation.

Read the security guide

Discover functions that can be used to implement specific security and compliance policies – and learn all about the secure operation of SAP HANA.
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