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Customer Experience

Elevate relationships by listening and engaging with customers in real time

Drive profitability and customer loyalty by establishing a 360-degree view of utilities customers and delivering personalised offers at each moment through their preferred channel and device.

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Marketing As Growth Driver

Understand the true intent of the customer and deliver contextually relevant experiences across marketing channels.

Empowering Sales to Sell More

Enable your sales force to deliver exceptional customer experiences and sell energy, water, service, and products anywhere through any channel.

Customer Service Excellence

Achieve customer service excellence with every service interaction across every channel.

Omnichannel Commerce

Meet customer needs by optimising the digital commerce experience across channels and devices.

Omnichannel Commerce

Transform the digital commerce experience across channels and devices.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Ensure a personalised, comprehensive e-commerce experience with end-to-end commerce processes for utility companies.
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Commerce for Utilities

Enable omnichannel selling of commodity and non-commodity products and services.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Strengthen customer loyalty through behaviour-based, real-time personalisation.

Product Content and Catalogue Management

Empower business users to manage product content across channels and geographies.

Bundling, Configuration, and Subscription Management

Boost revenue with bundling, configuration, and subscription management.

Digital Asset Management

Enhance productivity, compliance, and revenues using digital asset management processes.

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increase in revenue with an increase in cross-sell rates.

SAP Performance Benchmarking


more qualified leads closed by tracking leads, prospects stages, and status in real time.

SAP Benchmarking


reduction of time-to-market phase.

enviaM and MITGAS case study

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