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Create a new Data Dictionary structure

By D028018

You will learn how to create a Data Dictionary structure


You will learn

You will learn how to create an Data Dictionary structure. You will then use this structure in a global ABAP class to retrieve data from the database. (The structure provides a type for the table.)

Step 1: Create a global Data Dictionary structure

Now you will create a global Data Dictionary (“DDIC”) structure: In the toolbar, select the New icon, then choose Other…:

Image depicting step1a-create-new
Step 2: Filter the list of object types

In the wizard that appears, filter the list of ABAP repository object types by entering **struct**.

Image depicting step2-filter-type
Step 3: Enter name and description

Then enter the following and choose Finish.
• Description = for example, Invoice item structure

Image depicting step10c-define-ddic-structure-finish

A new text editor is opened showing the content of the newly created Data Dictionary structure.

Step 4: Remove the generated component

Remove the generated example component component_to_be_changed from the structure:

Image depicting step12-remove-component
Step 5: Define fields for the structure

In the item structure, define the fields company_name, amount, currency_code, and payment_status as follows:

  company_name   : snwd_company_name;
  amount         : snwd_ttl_gross_amount;
  currency_code  : snwd_curr_code;
  payment_status : snwd_soi_payment_status_code;
Image depicting step5-define-fields

The editor shows a syntax error because the amount has not yet been bound to the currency code.

Step 6: Bind amount to currency code annotation

To bind the amount to the currency code:
a. Add a new line in front of the field amount, add @ and open code completion, by entering Ctrl+Space. A list of all possible annotations is shown.

b. Select the annotation @Semantics.amount.currencyCode.

Image depicting step12a-select-annotation

c. Trigger the code completion again: enter : ' after @Semantics.amount.currencyCode, then choose Ctrl+Space, then choose the annotation zso_invoice_item.currency_code:

Image depicting step12b-choose-annotation-currency-code

d. Finally choose Save (Ctrl+S)

You should no longer get a syntax error.

Step 7: Check and activate the structure

Back in the structure ZSO_INVOICE_ITEM, choose Check ABAP Development Object (Ctrl+F2). Then choose Activate (Ctrl+F3).

The Data Dictionary structure ZSO_INVOICE_ITEM is now activated.

Your code should look like this:

@EndUserText.label : 'Invoice Item Structure'
@AbapCatalog.enhancementCategory : #NOT_EXTENSIBLE
define type zso_invoice_item {
  company_name   : snwd_company_name;
  @Semantics.amount.currencyCode : 'zso_invoice_item.currency_code'
  amount         : snwd_ttl_gross_amount;
  currency_code  : snwd_curr_code;
  payment_status : snwd_soi_payment_status_code;


Updated 09/06/2018

Time to Complete

5 Min.



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