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Best for your customers

Customers continue to expect experiences that are personalised and unique, even during the pandemic. SAP and its partners can help with the approaches required to build long-term relationships, transform experiences, and develop loyalty with customers in the digital realm.

Qualtrics CustomerXM for Digital

Capture and act on customer feedback to deliver engaging experiences and inspire loyalty.

  • Make it easy for customers to complete their desired tasks
  • Better meet your business objectives with stronger, more relevant content
  • Boost brand perception and your app store ranking by improving the in-app experience

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C

Build trust by delivering exceptional digital experiences that adapt to customer behaviours while mitigating risk.

  • Onboard customers quickly with intuitive user registration and social logins
  • Create unified customer profiles to deliver trusted, relevant, and personalised experiences
  • Protect against risks by defending sensitive data with dynamic access control

SAP Marketing Cloud

Boost digital marketing capabilities and drive measurable results through trusted and personalised customer relationships.

  • Sharpen marketing’s focus by understanding customer intent and anticipating behaviour
  • Deliver personalised experiences throughout the customer journey
  • Understand marketing performance and ROI with closed loop measurement

See how SAP customers are helping our communities

Delivering on its promise to feed a nation

Discover what Brakes did to keep customers fed and its business going during the pandemic.

Providing expense management to the 600,000 volunteers helping people during the Coronavirus

Discover how the volunteers of the Royal Voluntary Service helping those isolating during the pandemic are quickly reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses through SAP Concur.

Ensuring a secure food supply chain with the highest level of hygiene

Learn how SAP solutions are being utilised to ensure the safe and secure delivery of healthy foods during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Giving compassionate care to 240,000 ER patients

Find out how Parkland is able to predict ER volume and workflows to keep hospital staff prepared, even during its busiest times.

Together with SAP, you’ve got the expertise to transform your customers’ experiences

E-commerce experience management

Capture and act on customer feedback to enhance your digital commerce experience.

Customer identity and access management

Deliver a frictionless experience across all touchpoints and build trust with your customers.

Marketing effectiveness

Boost your digital marketing capabilities to increase revenue and optimise ROI.

Customer confidence pulse

Monitor changing customer expectations during COVID-19.

Brand trust pulse

Understand how consumers feel about your brand during COVID-19.

Digital open door

Have two-way conversations with your customers and optimise digital experiences to meet evolving customer needs.

Frontline connect

Get insights from frontline employees on customer issues.

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