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SAP salutes our customers for rising to the challenge in 2020

While we faced many obstacles this year, our customers kept the heart of our communities beating. 

Take actions to drive your business

SAP helps you run at your best


There are practical steps you can take to make your organisation more resilient and agile in today’s challenging environment. SAP and its partners have solutions and services that are easy to get started with and quick to get running to help you get your business running at its best again.

Getting back to best

Employees are the lifeblood of businesses - where passion, excellence, and service meet customers every day. Today, employees are counting on their employers more than ever before.  

Learn about SAP’s solutions that give businesses the tools to return to the office with confidence and work remotely with ease and efficiency.

  • Bring people back to workplaces safely and respond qickly to issues
  • Keep employees productive when they work
  • Help employees grow with training and resources

Memories of good and bad interactions during the pandemic will stay with consumers for a long time. Companies that invest in delivering better experiences will potentially be able to rebound faster and enjoy greater customer loyalty.

Learn how SAP can help you understand what matters most to customers and take action to restore, reinvent, and reinvigorate customer relationships.


  • Engage with personalised experiences across all touchpoints
  • Quickly build digital commerce capabilities
  • Understand and act on customer feedback

Companies of all sizes, in all industries, and every country have had challenges adapting to rapid changes in demand and supply.  Resilience, agility, and financial stability are critical to navigate your recovery and to drive innovation.

Learn how SAP can help you see everything that can affect your business and build financial, procurement, and supply chain resilience.


  • React quickly to supply chain disruptions and demand spikes to meet customer demand
  • Make processes and activities easier and more efficient to maintain business continuity
  • Optimise cash flow giving you more flexibility to take decisions

Thrive Global and SAP

Together, Thrive Global and SAP can help companies, no matter the size or industry, take steps to move forward into recovery by focusing on being the best for employees. This means changing for the better to help people and businesses navigate this unprecedented time with less stress and anxiety and more mental resilience, keeping employees safe and productive to ensure business continuity during extraordinary times and beyond.

Creating a Healthy and Positive Work Experience

Work has changed. And to create a safe and healthy work experience, companies will need to do more than just put in place organisational strategies and efficiencies. Whether working remotely, going to physical workplaces, or a combination of both, companies must ensure employees have the emotional and mental health support to succeed and navigate the kind of constant change and disruption that will define our future.

Leading with Agility, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset

Business continuity may depend on the ability to reskill and upskill a workforce. But as companies focus on the upskilling and reskilling of their employees, it is more important than ever to include the human skills of resilience and stress management in the upskilling. A learning mindset and culture helps build an agile and resilient organisation.

See how SAP customers are helping our communities

NBA and SAP: Maximising technology for today’s complex environment

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was challenged to reimagine its season in light of COVID-19 and has embarked on an extraordinary experiment in Orlando. The NBA is partnering with SAP to utilise technology to prioritize health, fan experience, and people management in a new and dynamic way.

  • Collecting fan sentiments related to digital fan experiences: NBA fans have the unique opportunity to participate during live games, while staying safe at home, and are surveyed about their experience.
  • Taking the pulse of employees and players: The NBA is collecting feedback to improve employee and player experiences by addressing overall health, testing, and more.
  • Returning to the office safely: The NBA is following safety protocols for staff members in its New York and New Jersey offices and providing tracing abilities as needed.

Chatbot “Billy” responds quickly to answer questions 24/7

Learn how Rabobank is using a chatbot based on AI to answer standard, repetitive invoice queries from suppliers, and reducing the workload of its service-desk employees during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Helping employees run business safely so customers stay resilient

See how Severstal, one of the world’s leading vertically integrated steel and steel-related mining companies rebalanced production, demand, and distribution during a global pandemic to maintain steel delivery and revenue.

Demonstrating resilience during COVID-19 crisis

SAP customers all over the world are using SAP technology to show their resilience, innovate, and thrive.

Transforming a 265-year old business in response to COVID-19

Learn how leading thread manufacturer Coats partnered with SAP and Microsoft to pivot its business in order to meet the global demand for PPE.

Perspectives on today’s challenges – and future successes

Industries and Customer Advisory Groups

Helping industries get back to best

SAP's industry and value experts – all of whom support our customers on their journey to unlock measurable business – have partnered to create a booklet of trends and insights to help make businesses stronger as they get back to best.

Vivek Bapat
Senior Vice President, Purpose and Brand Experience

Hunger: A hidden dark side of COVID-19

Up to 132 million additional people will face hunger due to COVID-19, and it is often those that were already the most vulnerable. Learn how tech can help.

DJ Paoni
SAP North America

The rise of the resilient workforce

Learn how bold leaders are seizing this moment to drive a workplace revolution that's here to stay.

Benjamin Blau
SVP and Head of SAP Transformation Office

Creating business resiliency and flexibility in times of crisis

Sometimes, being more resilient means quickly turning to a prior state, and it is our goal at SAP to move forward together to get your business running at its best again.

News from SAP

Additional resources

Back to Best for Parents

It has never been more important for leaders to care for the whole employee and help parents feel supported across the full range of their experience. Back to Best for Parents brings together resources to support parents by helping them integrate work and life during the tough times of COVID-19.

Leading with purpose

At SAP, we believe innovators rise in times of crisis. As we unite around the world to show gratitude for healthcare professionals and all essential workers, we would also like to applaud the SAP Purpose Network, our network of customers and partners leading with purpose during these times.

Work with a trusted partner to get more value

The product and service offerings from our vibrant ecosystem of 21,000 partners ensure that you get the most value from your business and technology investments. Our partners are also here to help support organisations through recovery.

Manage risk and support continuity with services

Essential business services from SAP and the off-site service delivery framework can help you manage risk and support continuity during uncertain times to help your business get back to best.

Tap into innovative solutions from startups

Our global startup ecosystem can help your business rapidly adapt by extending the value of your investment in SAP solutions. Explore over 60 offers from our SAP.iO program startups ranging from increasing employee resilience to optimising supply chain visibility.

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