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Customer Influence and Adoption

We offer a range of programmes that give customers the opportunity to influence SAP software development decisions and adopt new innovations early on.

Explore our Customer Influence programmes

We have six main Customer Influence programmes:
  • The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative asks for your ideas during the development process
  • Our SAP Beta Testing program lets you weigh-in on a new product before its release
  • With SAP Integration Experience Feedback, you can experience the latest released intelligent enterprise scenarios on an integrated SAP internal landscape
  • The SAP Early Adopter Care program helps you deploy new innovations ahead of the competition
  • SAP Customer Connection provides an easy way to request enhancements in project mode, for mature on-premise products 
  • And SAP Continuous Influence enables you to continuously suggest improvements on SAP Cloud solutions and most recent technologies directly to the development teams

Refer to the SAP Improvement Finder to easily search for delivered improvements and start benefiting immediately, and find your local SAP user group to experience the benefits of membership.

SAP Customer Engagement Initiative

SAP Beta Testing


SAP Integration Experience Feedback

SAP Early Adopter Care

SAP Customer Connection


SAP Continuous Influence

* A Feedback Agreement between your company and SAP allows SAP to work with your ideas and potentially include your voluntary feedback in our products and solutions.

** Access to the solutions is provided under a test and evaluation agreement (TEA) and can be used for testing purposes only. Productive usage is not allowed and is not supported under the maintenance and support agreement.

*** This offering for selected SAP products complements SAP support services and is available to all customers with a valid SAP license and maintenance contract.

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