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Fred Sharp

SAP Account Executive, Mid-Market

Fred's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


In my role at SAP, I am the CEO of my own territory, and that ability to have such impact is what keeps me motivated!

Fred Sharp

I joined SAP in June 2019, because I was looking for a career change where I had a higher level of responsibility. I wanted to control and manage my business, my sales territory – doing it how I wanted to do it, but with the resources of a major company behind me. SAP was that company for me!

When I began my role as an Account Executive for Mid-Market sales, 14 other colleagues were beginning their sales journey in the Phoenix-area office as well. The most impactful part of my onboarding was attending the SAP Sales Academy in San Ramon, CA. I attended with hundreds of other SAP new hires from around the globe for 3 weeks. It was a total immersion into the SAP sales cycle. The SAP Sales Academy brought in senior sales people in a classroom setting to teach us not so much about the SAP products, that would come in time, but about the sales cycle that can be very complex.

I took all of that training and knowledge back to Phoenix, and the partnership with experienced SAP sales people continued. There is a partner involved and assigned to me who I can lean on throughout the entire sales cycle. There are so many products in the SAP portfolio, so while I you can’t expect to know everything about every product, there is always a more senior colleague to accompany me on a sales call. They have given me invaluable insights into about how to sell specifically to my customers in the wholesale distribution vertical within my territory of Southern California. I can tell you, it is fascinating to see the sales cycle of a $3M company all the way through to a $300M company. It feels almost surreal to have that level of support for my career.

The SAP office in the Phoenix area is extremely dynamic. We have lots of colleagues who are new to SAP, like me, but also experienced veterans who have been in the sales environment for years. In this office, I am challenged every day by people who want to be just as successful as I want to be, and who support my ambition.

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