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Rebecca Hamilton

Manager, SAP Customer Success Group Enterprise Support & Preferred Care, Newtown Square, United States

Rebecca's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP’s mission motivates me. While balancing a successful career, I am also enabled to bring impact to youth in communities around the world.

Rebecca Hamilton
Manager, SAP Customer Success Group Enterprise Support & Preferred Care
Newtown Square, United States

I once heard that the average amount of hours one will work in their lifetime is over 90,000 hours. Yes, you read that correctly – 90,000!  That total comes from an average of 40 hours per week. At a time when the clock had yet to start on my career, I was coming out of college as a business education major who had just finished up student teaching at a New Jersey (USA) public high school.  Naturally, I was contemplating my first job following graduation. After encouragement from my cousin, who is a long-time SAP employee of 22 years, I applied for an internship for the summer of 2007, with every intention to intern for the summer and then pursue a career in teaching. That fateful summer, I learned how quickly plans do indeed change. This past May, I celebrated my 10th year at SAP. I often get asked the questions: Why SAP? Why have you stayed so long? And in one way or another the answer always seems to boil down to one word: opportunity.

SAP continuously provides countless opportunities to myself and my fellow colleagues. I have friends at SAP that have participated in Africa Code Week, working with a foundation that encourages young girls to say no to the cycle of enforced marriages. I have heard stories from the family of a colleague on the autism spectrum as they described what it meant to them to have their child move out on their own for the first time thanks to the Autism@Work program.  I watched the journey of a colleague as they pursued a new-found career they are passionate about thanks to the support of their mentor from the SAP mentoring program. I have witnessed countless SAP volunteers, as mentors, stand by the side of their mentees after months of working together just as proud as parents would be. And I have seen colleagues who have received opportunities to work for SAP in a country they dreamed of living in one day.

Watching those around me in my workplace go out and discover their own opportunities at SAP has been a highlight of my career. There is no shortage of support to help us get to where we are headed even when we may not know exactly where that might be. There are opportunities for career growth and shaping the leaders of tomorrow through such programs and trainings as LEAP, Aspiring Leaders, Mastering C-level, and resume reviews with Talent Delivery (all of which I highly recommend). Then, there are those opportunities that often do not apply back to our goals in SuccessMaps or those that are often difficult to provide metrics on. These are the opportunities that, coming into my career, I had no idea existed, but have helped to shape me both professionally and personally. I have helped to mentor over 100 high school students as part of SAP’s Junior Achievement Company Program, gained more friends than I can count as a mentor of the Autism@Work program, traveled to Manila, Philippines working with a non-profit dedicated to empowering the lowest performing and poorest children to believe in themselves through SAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility Global Social Sabbatical program, organized volunteer events for hundreds of SAP volunteers dedicating their time to beautification of a preschool for children with disabilities or teaching financial literacy to classrooms of 2nd graders. With each of these comes the strengthening of old and new friendships and a discovery of my passion for youth education.

To me, the 90,000+ hours I will spend working in my career will always be complemented by programs, tools, and events that our own colleagues have created to make our experience at SAP a brighter one. Working for a company that fully operates on its mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives is truly something remarkable. I am just one of the many SAP employees privileged enough to share in these experiences. What makes SAP special is that they continue to offer these opportunities to every employee who is searching for a way to reach out and leave a mark on the world.  

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