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Innovative Application Development Services

Develop one-of-a-kind solutions that help you thrive in the digital economy – with our application development team.

Achieve your organization’s greatest goals with SAP Innovative Business Solutions, the foremost experts in developing unique, leading-edge software solutions for the enterprise.

  • Envision a bold future via exploratory workshops that get to the heart of your exact business needs 
  • Transform your world with high-value solutions developed by SAP experts and built just for you 
  • Thrive with confidence assured that your unique software is maintained and operated by SAP

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Solutions on the SAP S/4HANA Platform

Your success depends on your ability to swiftly and intelligently adapt to an ever-changing business environment. That means having to go beyond traditional transactions, achieving unimagined levels of efficiency and productivity, and reinventing your existing mission-critical business processes for the digital economy.

Seize the opportunity for innovation, accelerate your digital transformation, and experience faster time-to-value with extraordinary software solutions built uniquely for your business by SAP Innovative Business Solutions for SAP S/4HANA.

  • Unlock the potential of the networked economy and deliver new experiences and value to your customers through an end-to-end agile, design-driven development approach that puts your users at the center of every stage of development
  • Innovate faster with new, unique, industry-differentiating solutions or enhance your existing business scenarios with solutions that run on any device and work reliably in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Maximize your SAP S/4HANA investment by transforming existing software on legacy platforms into state-of-the-art solutions that take full advantage of the latest technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and the Internet of Things
  • Leverage our 45 years of business process, industry experience, and enterprise application development expertise for tailored, advanced applications that are synchronized with the SAP product strategy and seamlessly integrated with your core processes
  • Mitigate risk with unique software investments that are backed by SAP, protected for the long term, and supported and maintained by the SAP support infrastructure and cloud operations centers


Information sheet: Differentiate your live business with unique, next-generation software innovations

Software Development Leveraging SAP Leonardo Technologies

Make innovation real by developing solutions on the SAP Leonardo platform and get the most from advanced technologies, such as machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and blockchain.

Leverage a ground-breaking platform for innovation that enables you to build new digital business models, increase automation and efficiency of business processes, and deliver the user experiences that your customers, employees, partners, and suppliers are demanding.

Take the critical next steps in your digital journey and bring your innovative concepts to life. Become a thriving digital enterprise – with greater ease, faster development, and fewer risks – with SAP Innovative Business Solutions and SAP Leonardo.

  • Kick-start your innovation through a guided, end-to-end development journey from discovery and prototype to productive solutions
  • Capture the full potential of next-generation technologies through an agile, design-driven development approach which puts your users at the center of every stage of development
  • Mitigate your business risks with unique solutions that are backed by the power of SAP with ongoing operation, maintenance and unified support
  • Fast-track digital innovation with our highly-skilled team of SAP Leonardo experts, from data scientists to user experience designers and developers
  • Ensure seamless integration with your existing SAP solutions by leveraging our 45 years of business process and industry experience in developing enterprise software applications


Information sheet: Fast-track your digital innovation on SAP Leonardo

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Development Services for Cloud Applications and Extensions

Businesses face new priorities, challenges, and opportunities every day, each demanding fast thinking and rapid responses. Rise to the challenge and seize the opportunities with new and innovative applications for the enterprise.

Partner with the team of experts who know application development on SAP Cloud Platform inside and out. Rapidly develop and deploy unique cloud-based solutions, faster than you thought possible. Build using new technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, and leverage data science, to accelerate your time to market with mission-critical cloud solutions.

Bring your unique business solutions to life in the cloud – and make your innovations real – with SAP Innovative Business Solutions.

  • Deliver your cloud-based solution anywhere with a unified user experience across all mobile platforms and the desktop using the SAP Fiori user interface
  • Collaborate through our agile, design-driven development approach which puts your users at the center of every stage of development
  • Stretch beyond just concepts and quickly turn your innovative ideas into new edge scenarios – faster than your competition
  • Gain the freedom to focus your energies on building your next innovations, not on operating and maintaining your tailored solution, with our 24/7 end-to-end application management through SAP or partner operation centers.
  • Be assured that your unique cloud solutions are synchronized and integrated with SAP’s product suite, and backed by SAP, its support infrastructure, security and compliance standards, and cloud operations centers
Development Services for SAP C/4HANA

Deliver meaningful customer experiences that your competitors cannot match.  Stay ahead of changing customer demands, and deliver exceptional customer value.  Ensure smooth, seamless, continuous customer engagement and interactions – anywhere, at any time, and on any device. And do all this yesterday.

Bring your unique digital commerce innovations to life – faster than you thought possible – with SAP Innovative Business Solutions.

  • Innovate jointly with us and the SAP C/4HANA experts to design and develop ground-breaking solutions for commerce, marketing, service and sales that precisely address your specific needs
  • Collaborate through our agile, design-driven development approach which puts you at the center of every stage of development
  • Benefit from tailored SAP C/4HANA solutions synchronized with the overall SAP product strategy and fully integrated with existing standard SAP software
  • Rest assured that your unique software investments are protected for the long term leveraging the same SAP support infrastructure and cloud operations centers
Support Services for Custom Solutions

Protect your custom-developed SAP solutions and increase their reliability – so that you can stay ahead of business challenges and outmaneuver the competition. Simplify operations by relying on the same unified support structure as for your standard SAP solutions. With support from our expert team, you can: 

  • Increase operational stability and speed issue resolution 
  • Minimize risk when applying support packages and enhancement packages to your base SAP software 
  • Free up your team to support the continual transformation of your business

Empowering clients to support innovation

In this interview, Klaus Weber, executive vice president and general manager of SAP Innovative Business Solutions, discusses how his team is working with clients to support the innovation process and to empower enterprises to overcome their biggest hurdles, realize their goals and achieve business transformation.

Unique, leading-edge software development

Formerly known as SAP Custom Development, SAP Innovative Business Solutions has updated its business model and is now collaborating with clients in an end-to-end innovation process to discover, design, develop and run tailored solutions in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid scenarios that address their specific mission-critical business needs.

Optimizing technical processes and training

Learn how to optimize technical processes and training by working with SAP Innovative Business Solutions to add speech recognition and visualization to your standard software. 

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