Put in-memory to work for you

Speed time to value for SAP HANA, our in-memory computing technology, with SAP Services

Plan, deploy, and optimize your investment in SAP HANA – our lightning-quick in-memory computing platform – with SAP Services. Our consultants can help you assess your current situation, determine the best first-use case for in-memory technology, and create a comprehensive, multi-year road map – for a smooth, reliable, and cost-effective delivery.

The potential benefits?

  • Greater flexibility and competitiveness with a combination of standard offerings and regional solutions
  • Faster, more affordable delivery of SAP HANA projects with preconfigured rapid-deployment packages
  • Improved problem-solving for complex business scenarios with extended applications and/or custom solutions
  • Increased support with a collaborative team of experts across analytics, database, and custom development
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Explore our services

Learn how our services can help you put in-memory computing technology to work for your business.

Martin Haas, Managing Director, Schaidt Innovations

Schaidt Innovations: Rapid ERP Adoption

Hear how Schaidt Innovations implemented SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA using an SAP Rapid Deployment solution in a fully managed cloud environment with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

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Innovation – Done Your Way

Learn how SAP Custom Development can solve your unique business challenges by building custom applications that leverage the power of SAP HANA. These custom applications mine competitively differentiating insights from mountains of data, and let your business processes run in real time.

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Expand Your Potential With SAP HANA

Dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, and predictive capabilities with SAP HANA and SAP Services. Learn how our expert consulting team can help you get up and running in just a few weeks – smoothly and cost-effectively.

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NBA: Giving Fans a Unique Experience

How is the NBA giving fans access to a virtually unlimited amount of statistics in real time? With the SAP HANA platform and SAP Services.

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