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Success Extensions 

Get pre- and post-go-live consulting services and expertise to turn your cloud investment into a return on investment.

Choose the services that meet your needs

Success extensions offer ongoing or one-time, targeted pre- and post-go-live services to help you realize lasting value from your SAP solutions.


  • Prepackaged, predefined services and subscription offerings are easy to consume and flexible enough to apply to your unique situation
  • SAP resources go to work where you need them, freeing your teams to focus on high-value work and delivering the results you need
  • Services support implementation, solution rollout, and ongoing management across essential, advanced, or select success experiences

Our success extensions focus on three key areas

Managed business services

Subscription-based services to help your business run smoother

Execute business processes by taking advantage of SAP expertise, delivery efficiency and scale of automation.

Cloud application services

Subscription-based services to support your cloud solutions

Get help handling the day-to-day operation of your application landscape with hands-on expertise.

Activation and optimization services

Fixed-scope services led by SAP experts

See measurable value from your SAP solution faster by relying on our hands-on deployment and post go-live optimization expertise.

What’s included in success extensions?

Find the right success experience for your business needs

Looking for even more value from your SAP engagement?

Work with our experts to explore your SAP resources and focus on reaching the outcomes that matter to your business.

Questions? Get in touch!

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