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The Power to Perform Better

Discover how small and medium business software technologies can give you the competitive edge.

When you’re running a small business or a mid-market company, you're faced with multiple problems: finding customers, managing time and workflow, and delivering products and services at breakneck speed.

With the right digital platform, you can adapt quickly and even break into new markets for the growth you need. Over 250,000 SME customers have discovered how SAP has helped them step up their game.

Time to up yours.

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Get the support you need to

grow your business

Expanding your business doesn't have to be a solo effort. Get the right technology partner and use any or all of these tools to get your SME off the ground.

Integrate workflows for greater revenue

Integrate your business processes from finance to procurement and inventory. Gain an eagle's eye view of all your transactions and help your team control costs efficiently.

Find and retain your best customers

Engage your mobile customers using personalised interactions that help you close deals faster. Use collaboration tools to get feedback and solve their issues right away.

Hire and keep the right talent

Your employees are your partners. Ensure that their career paths are aligned with your business direction through talent management programmes that focus on their long-term development.

Solve the problem before it arrives

Use data to assess market situation and deliver targeted services. See what’s happening today, anticipate future outcomes, and make smart decisions that can help you thrive regionally.

Find out which tool suits your small business best.

Digitisation is your next step to success

You have the desire to digitise—we have the means to help. Check out how our automation and business intelligence can help accelerate your growth. 

Turn your customers into evangelists

Use big data to understand your customers, win their loyalty, and turn them into your brand ambassadors. We'll show you how.

Sell to new markets

Seize new market opportunities with as little disruption to your business as possible. We'll give you an actionable digital roadmap to do so.

Get your business up and running...yesterday

Trade manual tasks for the speed and efficiency you need. Get your small business up and running on Day 1 and move ahead in your expansion journey.


From vision to victory: KTC's winning formula

Find out how one small business transformed an entire industry using the right technology and mindset.

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Let's map out your success story

SAP Partners know your unique business challenges. To guide you in your digital transformation, they can help you buy, build, implement, service, and support the SAP solution that best fits your needs.

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