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Empower your SAP end users – from developers to marketers – with our suite of SAP training courses. Create a comprehensive training plan; choose from live, mobile, or online courses; and, ultimately, boost technology proficiency across your organisation. Our software training covers SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP BusinessObjects solutions, and more.

Why SAP training and

education courses?

No one knows SAP like SAP. And no one else has the systems and instructional experience to help you learn SAP software as effectively. No matter where you are in the world, SAP Education offers the most up-to-date and accurate SAP training available. Learn more about SAP Education.

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Featured courses:

SAP Academy for iOS

SAP Academy for iOS is now available with trainings and workshops offered globally

The curriculum and courses provide mobile developers and designers with knowledge, tools, education, and training needed to build a new class of mobile apps that take full advantage of the new software development kit (SDK), SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori for iOS, and the latest features of Apple hardware and software.

Introduction to Swift

From playgrounds to protocols – discover, explore, and demonstrate how to use the fundamental building blocks of the Swift programming language.

Introduction to iOS SDK

Learn how to build and run your first apps on iOS using the Swift programming language.  Discover and learn common tools, technologies, interface elements, and design patterns used to build iOS apps.

Native mobile app development with SAP Fiori for iOS

Learn how to develop native apps using the SDK for iOS. This new SDK will integrate seamlessly into Xcode and provide the mobile developer with UI, re-use, and foundation components to easily build a native app using the SAP Fiori for iOS design language.


Access the Learning Journey for a view of all suggested prerequisite and related learning.

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Connect with the training community and discover the latest trends in education and learning from SAP.  

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Free SAP training: openSAP

Hear about SAP innovations when, where, and how you want – free of charge – with openSAP. This innovative platform for enterprise MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offers a flexible, fun, and engaging learning experience through gamification to get started with learning at SAP.

SAP Learning Hub

Get instant, cloud-based access to a wide variety of SAP learning content and online learning rooms – with SAP Learning Hub. Add SAP Live Access to carry out class assignments, prepare for customer engagements, or just experiment with live and fully configured SAP training systems.

Certification at SAP

Validate your expertise and experience using SAP solutions and ensure you meet the requirements for new roles and responsibilities in your organisation by completing SAP certifications. If you want to sharpen your SAP skills or add to your scope of knowledge, we have a certification option that's right for you.
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