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Discover your digital potential with SAP Leonardo Innovation Services  

Identify and connect to cutting-edge technologies and shorten your time to value

SAP Leonardo Innovation Services offer a guided approach to digital transformation and results in a proof of concept running on SAP Cloud Platform. We use a design thinking process to help identify and test your digital business model with minimal up-front investment and risk; leverage new technologies – such as Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, and Data Intelligence – to resolve use cases; and quickly transition to production on a cloud platform that’s fit for the future. With SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, you get:

  • Unparalleled innovation experience
  • Accelerated design and development
  • Fast time-to-value

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Choose the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services edition that’s right for you

We offer three SAP Leonardo Innovation Services editions – each of which allow you to explore innovative technologies, business models and processes on your path to digitalization before deciding on an SAP solution that best fits your needs. Our services combine the tools, technology and expertise of SAP’s business and IT professionals to help kick-start and customise your innovation journey. You'll also have access to key experts, which include designers, business transformation specialists, industry experts and technology consultants whose expertise is augmented by the innovation coach, a guide and resource for those using the tools.

Select the SAP Leonardo Innovation Service edition that meets your specific needs:

SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, express edition provides a fast implementation of predefined business use cases such as Internet of Things (IoT) for Retail or Machine Learning for Consumer Products. In less than eight weeks, the express edition helps you implement the solution and customise it to your specific company needs, reducing the time to value.

SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, open innovation edition helps you create a new solution for your specific business challenge – from concept to a clickable prototype within nine weeks. The open innovation edition includes access to the SAP Cloud Platform for Innovation and close collaboration through the Digital Design Zone, an agile design process which ensures you are at the centre of every stage of innovation.

This open innovation edition is comprised of the following components designed to facilitate digital transformation:

  • Digital Design Zone: Materialise ideas – fast track development in the Digital Design Zone
  • Innovation platform: Increase the speed of innovation


SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, enterprise edition extends the scope of the open innovation edition, helping you create multiple solutions in parallel unique to your specific business. In addition to the SAP Cloud Platform and the Digital Design Zone, the enterprise edition provides empowerment sessions and access to the showroom.

The enterprise edition comprises all available components designed to facilitate digital transformation:

  • Digital Design Zone: Materialise ideas – fast track development in the Digital Design Zone
  • Innovation platform: Increase the speed of innovation
  • Virtual showroom: Food for ideas – be inspired in the showroom
  • Empowerment sessions: Agile readiness – build on your power

The SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, enterprise edition, is exclusively available to premium engagement customers (SAP MaxAttention, SAP ActiveEmbedded and SAP Value Assurance).


Learn more about the components designed to facilitate digital transformation

The SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, open innovation edition includes the following components:

Digital Design Zone

Experience an agile design process that puts you at the centre of every stage of the innovation process. The result is a proof of concept of your most relevant innovation use case, leveraging design thinking practices and in partnership with SAP AppHaus, guided by a dedicated innovation coach.

Innovation platform

Gain access to a service-enriched SAP Cloud Platform, all ready-to-use innovation use cases and technology modules, and an instance of the SAP Model Company service of choice for fast back-end connection of your prototype, so you can “try before you buy” and quickly transition to production.

In addition, the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, enterprise edition also includes:

Virtual showroom

While you can begin your journey at any point within SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, most organisations find it useful to start in the virtual showroom. The showroom is an ever-expanding repository of innovation use cases, enterprise-to-enterprise business-integration scenarios, and SAP technology modules. You can gain access to use case descriptions, fact sheets, architecture documentation, coding examples, and videos of walk-through sessions of SAP Model Company.

Empowerment sessions

Empower your people through expert-guided cloud development sessions over the course of a year. The sessions include training, practical hands-on experience, and remote consulting that ranges from three to five days on a variety of topics.

A blueprint for digital transformation

Readiness, risk, and resilience

Evolving to a digital enterprise can seem like a daunting prospect. However, enterprises with extensive experience in securing a physical supply chain can apply many of those best practices to secure the digital supply chain. This paper analyses what organisations can learn from the physical supply chain and offers suggestions on how to choose a provider to help on the digital transformation journey.

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